PSO2 Open Beta Sign-up Info


Figured I’d make a thread since the other one doesn’t have any info regarding how to actually sign up on the first post. For those hesitant because it’s a Japanese beta, a full UI translation patch was made for CBT, and will be coming for the OBT. Also, most of the game is pretty self explanatory.

Most of the english-speaking community is on Ship 2, Blocks 20-22.
Sign-ups are open until end of tomorrow.

Registration page (click the big blue button)

Translated sign-up guide:

Download link:

Useful links for english players (Mag raising guide)

Gameplay videos:

Character Creator:

English Patch (copy to character creator win32 directory):


I get the exe I start it up I hit the big button and I just get these 3 bars that never fill all the way.


It’s patching. Give it time.


My mistake. It won’t go to the game until tomorrow right?


You should be able to at least launch the game once it finishes patching.


Can I sign up now and play later? I don’t want to play on my current laptop.


I downloaded everything proper and have a SEGA ID. Now when I launch the game I get some kind of error message? I don’t know what to make of it. I sat through a long patching process, and I can’t launch the game. maybe because nothing exists yet to log into? I don’t know. I run the launcher, and the 3 bars come up. Then the first fills up by 1/10th and then the message pops up. Again, I already patched earlier today.


How long is it supposed to take to patch this @_@


Well if you are just downloading it fresh it’ll be a 4 gigabyte patch. Mine started working right at 3am! Awesome game. Surprised to see a Shoryuken forum on it too.


Can you still sign-up now?


This is the slowest download ever.


Is it too late to sign up? D:


Don’t use the english patcher in the first post. It doesn’t work for OB.


So what does, mzennnnn?


Man, I would love to have a working English patch. I’ve figured out what some things do, but I want to know the passive skills and what they do.


cant read japanese, stuck on the menus. Put in my SegaID and password then some message pops up im assuming its wrong ID/password but im positive my info is correct. Oh well, ill wait for english patch to see wassup.



The downloader was going for about 5 hours, and it just stopped at 67 percent.


Theres no working english patch atm, so unless you understand japanese you must play blind.

But also the patcher does take a long ass time, i start mines at 11am and finished 5pm. Although servers are pretty busy and most games kinda lag badly.


It’s wrong ID/Wrong Password. Your ID needs to be in all lower case letters, or else it won’t go through. I thought as much after I spelled mine correctly about 5 times over. xD

It worked after making it all lower case. Your password is the only case sensitive thing on there.


I keep getting this error message when signing up.
can anyone tell me what’s wrong?!