PSOne DS Series A & IL Competitions, Random Stuff

I have some random stuff for sale and will add more as I find it. All prices include shipping and are OBO.

PSOne Dualshock Series A

This has the PCB you would need for the SpiffyShoes solderless hack. Controller works fine and is in great cosmetic condition (not that it matters).

$20. Sounds high but just throwing it out there since I’m pretty sure this particular series of controllers are hard to find.

2 X IL Competition Sticks

A pair of brand-new black IL Competition sticks with WHITE actuator. These come with the .250 QD tabs. One of the sticks only has 3 though, so for either stick I can either replace these switches with the standard Cherry ones, or throw in .250 QDs.

$10 each.

2 X Happ Super Shafts & 6 Standard Happ buttons

A pair of Happ Super shafts, one red and one blue. Will also include dust and shaft cover, actuator, e-clip, basically everything but the base. If you have a MAME cab or something and want to add some color then get these.

Also will include 6 Happ standard pushbutton with horizontal switches, 2 red, 2 blue, 2 black. These are the good ones, not the Ultimates. Also good for a MAME cab.

$12 for everything

PM if interested. Remember all prices include shipping and are OBO.

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