PSone dualshock


Is the PSone DS the same as the original PSX or is it designed more like the PS2 DS?

And what PCB’s are good to make sticks with besides the original PS stuff?


In what respect? What about their design are you curious about?

That’s where I’m currently stuck. PS1 stuff is impossible to get ahold of around here, it seems, and ps2 DS’s are a nightmare.


Basically are they easy to mod like the PSX DS or are they a nightmare like the PS2 DS?


In a couple weeks I’ll be selling a bunch of PS digital and DualShock1 pads in the trading outlet. They are typically hard to find since EB and Gamestop have “officially” stopped stocking PS1 accessories.

The DS1 though is probably the “preferred” pad to hack. The digital works just as well but people SAY that DS1 have better compatibility with converters. I’ve never found this to be true.



The H Series PSones are rather easy to hack. I used them to make my sticks. It was the first solder job that I had done in over fifteen years. All buttons and controls worked the first time without additional soldering.

That link I posted in the other thread has info on how.

For those who have had a hard time finding them, if you live near a biggish city, check out local flea markets. Most larger flea markets will have several vendors of used game stuff going back way further than PS1 stuff. This also has the advantage of being able to easily check the series of the controller before purchase. Some hacks–like the solderless hack–only work easily on certain series pads.


I’ll keep an eye out for that sale.

How can you tell what series a controller is?


On the back of my controller it says Sony Computer Entertainment and off to the right it just has an H…it’s easy to find just flip it over.

#8 – 2nd controller (the grey one) on this page

I just picked up two of these oooold PSX pads. I assumed it would be easier to hack because it should all be digital. I’ve never done any padhacking before. Did I waste my money? They’re both H series.


Link doesn’t work for me.


Me neither.


deadfrog was linking to the 2nd picture on this page:


Yes, I was. Sorry 'bout the bad link! I realized I’m hijacking the heck out of this thread, which is rather impolite, and I had a dozen other questions anyway. I stuck 'em in a proper thread.