PSP arcade stick mod(working)

This is a PSP 1000 mod
solderless mod(optional for facebuttons)
ill post a simple guide the rest you can figure it out

what you’ll need

*adhesive tape or glue gun
*phillips #001 or anything to open your unit in no term of forcing it
*wires smallest you can get
*and arcade parts either Sanwa or Happ

disassemble your psp’s face plate

attach the wires on whatever way you want either adhesive/glue gun or poking hole through it with a needle and stitch the wire
do the same for shoulder buttons(this is what i did )
just choose one common ground

next for the facebuttons
remove the power board(idk the terms)
and solder or just insert a strand or two of wires and think of a way to lock them on the other side either tying a knot under it
also choose one common ground

Mini arcade cabinet is on the way

Q.Diagonals arent working
A.Bad wiring there might be a bridge connection

Q.Start and select button? is it usable
A. definitely im out of soldering led
home button also works

can anyone confirm if its working for the latter PSP models(2000/3000/Go/e1000)

credits to the people who solved the pinouts and owner of the pics i edited

I know the PSP Go can work with PS3 Dual Shock.

Here a similar mod being performed on the PS Vita