PSP Background Request

Yo, I know this a little out of the ordinary, but I wanted to know if I could possibly ask one of fine av makers to make me a background that is 480 x 272, with the image provided. I would like it predominately red. Also, I would like the japanese characters of “Kuro Fuugetsu” included in the background, if possible. If not, then just my name will suffice. Domo arigato, way in advance for this.:wgrin: . This is for the actual picture of Anji that I want the background based off of.

??? <- The text that means Kuro Fuugetsu. If you can incoporate that in somewhere, that’d be awesome. Again, thanks in advance.

even though everyone else here can make a bg 10000000x better than me…i’ll still give it a shot.

That totally works, dude. Thanks a mil.:wgrin:

np man