PSP Go System

Just find this PSP Go System, i wonder to preorder it today, anyone here can give me advice?


Don’t buy it. You have to let Sony know that it is not cool that we cannot resell a game or get rid of it if we tire of it. Or not even make this compatible with the UMDs we already own.

whats wrong with psp go. i thought it was cool deal. since ppl didnt want the umd anyways.

Are the games only downloadable? I wouldn’t buy a system without physical media unless there’s no DRM and they can be loaded without Sony’s authorization. I hate the no resale shit. I’ve bought a few games from Live that I would freely give away if I could.

PSP Go games are downloadable only. No UMD drive inside it.

Comes with 16 GB storage space built in with Memory Stick slot to make even more.

Also, all PSP games released after the PSP Go launches will be available for download on PSN.

I’m a big fan of downloading games cuz it saves me the trouble of switching out discs but so far Sony seems really happy to charge more for downloadable games than you can grab them on amazon, and for what the PSP go costs you can buy a regular psp and 16gb worth of memory sticks… at least that way you have the option of picking up a lot of the cheap UMD games floating around

Killing off the used game market is their wet dream.

I like buying things used. I regularly pay $10-15 at the pawn shop for 360 games. Otherwise the only games I buy new are my niche games where I want to support the developers, like shmups and pinball. DVDs run me $2 and music CDs are $1-2.

If I spend money I like have have a physical product, period.

I’m with Kyle here. I like having the packaging and manual and appreciate the art of packaged goods. I buy niche games new as well, but something like Halo ODST, will be getting once somebody gets tired of it.

I want the option of buying old used games at dirt cheap prices.

If games are downloadable only, I might as well just turn to roms.

I am all for digital distrubution existing, but am not for anything that limits consumer choice, like digtal distribution ONLY.

I have no problem with steam, because if valve starts doing they start doing something I don’t like, I can go out and get a physical copy.

Also don’t want DRM that makes me check in every to validate the game. Who bough music from walmart and had all of their songs become useless once the validation servers went offline.

I want the option to live in the woods with no broadband internet connection and have videogames delivered to my door if I wanted.

It just puts the consumer in a position where the corporation can have too much control to limit consumer choice.

In ten years, you will never have the opportunity to find a hidden game gem for a steal in the bargain bin if this keeps up.

This is 110% my sentiment. Said it better than I could have.

As someone who still plays NES games on hardware, I don’t want internet activation. CDs are a physical backup for Mp3s. Hard drive installs are better than lasers that eventually kill over. Get off my lawn and all that good stuff.

Man every time I would wanna play a new game, I would need an internet connection. What if I don’t have broadband?
Physical Copies? Some people would rather own cartridges and discs so that there is some sort of back up for nostalgia purposes and for collector’s value.

I have a poor 1.5GB throttle limit on my connection. As soon as I use over 1.5GB in peak times my connection is capped by 75%. I pretty much would have to stay up to download games or put up with a measly slow download.

That and being able to buy second hand games and at the right times for reasonable prices really helps me pick up some good titles when I’m in a bad situation money wise. The used game market has been there since I was a child and I only see this as an attempt for them to make what they deem RRP over, over and over again. Being online shouldn’t be a requirement to use a handheld or console.

Guys, the PSP Go isn’t replacing the PSP. You’ll still be able to buy the PSP and the physical UMD games for the foreseeable future.

My only complaint is that Sony doesn’t plan on having the download titles be any cheaper than the physical copies. If they shaved off $5-$10 per title I could definitely go for it.

I just really wish the controls were exactly like the PS controller. The first company to come out with a dual anolog controller with 10 button support will win…

PS3 Slim = 250
PSP Go! = 200

No fucking chance…

I don’t think anyone of proper mind would buy the Go.

I mean seriously, the only people I could see buying this are people who don’t do any form of research of expensive things they want or just retards who want to throw away their money.

Old games off of PSN will cost more than used games off of amazon. New games off PSN will be the same price as a UMD.

My PSP is hasn’t been turned on in over 2 months. Nothing about the Go makes it worth it to me. Do better Sony.

Digital distribution will be the same price as physical copies?

The Go’s design looks great, but if you’re going to use that thing for games, I think the PSP version 3 is a better deal.

I’m waiting to see if also they will have every game that was ever published on UMD available on the PSN store. Most likeley it will be like the Wii Virtual Console where you only get maybe to choose out of 30 games the first week. I am super skeptical they will have all 1000 let alone more than 100 or so games that have been published available on PSN at launch. I’ll wait see and laugh.

if I can hook up the go to a flatscreen and use a ds3 or sixaxis to play games then I will get one