PsP head 2 head thread

This thread is obviously 4 PsP match making. Plz put ur info up so I can keep track on the front page.

PsP handle: KING Games: Acid 1n2, A3, Wipeout pure. Im going 2 get phantasy star this week. I like a lot of games on PsP. If ur lookin 4 matches post up here.


Do u play any psp games?

No I do not, I just hate it when people like to speak with numbers in place of words. Or "u"in place of “you”, for example.

well Im posting from a psp. Which has limited characters in the type box. So sometimes I have 2.

the question is how are you playing psp online?


please go into detail.

U flick the wlan switch up. Go 2 network settings, select infastructor mode. Select scan so the psp will search 4 ur wi-fi device. Select ur device from the list. Thats it. Some games only support the ad-hoc feature. I believe MG:Acid 1& 2 support infastructor mode. Hope fully that helps.