PsP help

just wanted to see if anyone could lend me a hand real quick set up the connection on my psp for the net browser did the test it all worked says its a 100% but every time i got to the browser it times out any ideas or help would be great thanks all

I gave up on mine. Net browsing and internet radio worked fine until a recent patch and now I get nothing.

Sadly, I feel it’s not worth my time to troubleshoot or research because whenever I use my PSP, I’m usually around a computer or not in the vicinity of a wi-fi hotspot.

Good luck on finding a fix - I’ll keep an eye on this thread just in case I figure something out.


what kind of security are you using on your router? i remember when i tried to use either of the WPA encyptions the psp wouldnt see the internet. when i went back to WEP, it worked fine.

That might be my issue. I’m set up using WPA-TSK (if I recall correctly - but I’m probably wrong). I was just did not want to work through the troubleshooting.

I got the same problem too, i used wep for a while, now i’m on wpa tsk (official firmware 5.05 updated with a japanese game). You have to set your router to use 802.11 b+g, WPA TSK (TKIP encryption) and your PSP on wpa tsk.The problem is because the 802.11 b+g norm