Psp: kof collection, or kof '99?


first off just want to say hi, i’ve been getting some psp fighting games lately and figured this might be a good place to find some people to play my favorite fighting games with (darkstalkers, samurai shodown).

onto the question at hand. i’ve only played one of the early kof games (not sure which), and capcom vs snk. so i’m wondering which one most people regard as being the better game, kof collection or kof '99? also i’m assuming since '99 is a psclassic download there is no wifi/adhoc vs mode, am i correct? and does collection have an wifi/adhoc mode?

thanks in advance


Go buy the collection, if you haven’t modded your psp. kof99 is just the shitty psx version.


Yeah the collection is really good. But if you have a PS2 or backwards compatible PS3 get KOF 98 UM. It’s cheap and awesome.