PSP Slim: D-pad any better?

I’m thinking of picking up a PSP slim and was wondering if the dpad is any better. For instance, do you still need some sort of adapter or mod to be able to play A3?

I can testify my brotha that the PSP slim Dpad is tons better than the fat one, You can actually pull off moves in this dpad compared to the other one. I wish normal ps2 controllers had a dpad like this one.:wow:

They do, you just have to repeatedly rape it until it submits to your desires.

i know but, it might take years for it to become just the right way, I play on sanwa stick most of the time anyways:looney:

Man, this makes ME want to buy a slim psp. lol :smiley:

I just played some Castlevania: Dracula X Chronicles and my left thumb feels like it got raped multiple times. ouchiesssss. :frowning:

i play SF2 Hyper Fighting and all the Alpha games on PSP Slim, no problems with the Dpad, although the design of the PSP itself, the way u hold it might give u cramps if u play for long LOL, it doesnt sit comfortably in ur hands like a ps pad.

That being said the PSP slim Dpad is responsive and all the moves come out fine. Even Akuma V combos :smiley: lol.