So here it is! The REAL psp2. What do you guys think?

Sony’s next PSP, codenamed NGP – Engadget


What’s the point? They don’t have a 3D gimmick, and most games play just as well on Iphones and Tablet PC’s. And only the die hards would pick this up to get scaled down handheld version of Uncharted and Killzone. I’m more interested in that Playstation phone.


That PS phone looks like a total waste of money imo. I would rather get the sprint Evo or iphone 4 and stick with my PSP slim, and is that even coming to the US?

anyway here’s a small review of the NGP aka PSP2 from gamespot: [media=youtube]hvaUbSuuigg&feature=related[/media]


i’m liking it so far. i have a psp slim and i use it all the time. having two ANALOG sticks this time instead of that shitty slider they have on the current model automatically has me interested in the psp2/ngp.


This thing can be pre-ordered from gamespot for $1000 bucks.

That’s probably not the exact price but something to 400-700 will be about right. I’m looking forward to how the 4G will effect online play and downloadable movies.


I doubt it will be more than 350. Ill def get it tho.


I know I’ll just say I won’t buy it now, but I did that with PSPGO and ended up getting it (at a discount of course). Hell I still have my slim and fat, I have about 5 psps lol I don’t really want another one. I dunno why they keep coming out with more but I dunno if it’s tight I’ll buy it, I guess.


yea I still have my black brick psp fat and my slim which is kinda falling apart. I think I’ll grab the NGP but I’ll wait a bit to see what games will be release for it. This thing is quite powerful in terms of hardware…so I expect a version of ssf4 on this from capcom.