PSPGO can use bluetooth playstation controllers



My question is… is there any way to connect our joysticks to a bluetooth converter so we can play fighting games on the go with a joystick? Dunno if there’s a usb to bluetooth device either…

It would definitely be a dream come true… since there’s already so many great fighting games on the psp such as Street fighter series, Tekken series, soul calibur, dark stalkers, and roms

Also, can pspgo connect more than one controller for coop or vs play?


I’ve never seen anything that converts usb signals to bluetooth signals. Probably the only way would be to have a custom built from a SixAxis or DS3 PCB.


I’d think you can do it by building an AxisAdapter project box.


The only way to use your stick on it is if you built it using a sixaxis controller board.


I can see it now, two guys on a train with arcade sticks on their laps staring intently at the tiny pspgo :wink: Just kidding, I can see the use of this as well - using the external display setup of the go, - you could even build a custom stick that the pspgo mounted to, then you’d have a mobile arcade machine the size of your stick, with optional external display


If someone was really handy they could build a dock into the top of their fight stick.


When the pspgo is modded, its going to be a beast! Mame on the go? WITH a sixaxis stick! I hope this thing gets cracked.


that’s a pretty beast idea when you get down to it :cool:


any new updates on the psp and bluetooth ability?


If you were to make a stick using the PSPGO, you’d most likely hardwire the existing PSP buttons to the stick instead of using another controller PCB.


That would work, but take away one of the best functionalities - the ability to detach the pspgo and hook it up to an external display. This lets you take your game system with you wherever you go, and still have a screen size of your choice.


I would make the snuff box for this if necessary…


Any new updates?