PSP's Guilty Gear Judgement to Include GGXX Slash

They replaced GGXX#R with XX Slash (the game also has the beat-em-up Judgement mode).

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Wonder if the glitches will be fixed up. If so, then damn the PSP is getting everything good =/

OH HELL YEAH :lovin: :lovin: :lovin:

PSP is becoming too good for fighters. I am still waiting for somebody to come up with something to play PSP games on PS2 so i can use arcade sticks.

DarkStalkers, SFA3, GG, T5DR…
Now we just have to come up with a way to use arcade sticks with the PSP.
I already have GGXX Slash so for me it doesn’t really matter.

Same here. I hope that Slash works as well as the Reload port awhile back.

So this explains that odd delay. Best fucking reason to delay a game ever!

this logic is so silly. all the games are on ps2 except DR, use your stick on that instead ROFL. why people want to play the same games on a handheld with a tiny screen as opposed to a console/arcade with much bigger screen, with more accurate game ports. makes no sense


on top of that its probably the only version of slash we north americans have a chance to see published here. I personally dont like guilty gear enough to import it but its definatly worthy of a domestic purchase :slight_smile:

a ps2 controller port may be totally illogical for psp…but know what…id sure as hell buy one. would be kinda useless on at a bus stop or somthing

but a long ass car trip or somthing it would be perfect…or somthing to play while waiting for your match in a tourney. (linked games for mini versuscity like action for the win!)

also not alpha 3 max, not darkstalkers chronicles, and now not Slash (domesticaly)

Now if someone would fix that stupid d-pad there would actually be a reason to be happy about this.

hmm this isn’t really a exciting news for most gg players.

most of us have owned slash on the ps2 for a while now, and i personally don’t see any incentive of playing it on my psp either.

if gg is not your main game, kudos to you. but if you do consider yourself a serious gg player, just use the money to mod your ps2 and buy (or download, if you’re a cheap bastard) a copy of slash.

GG was never my main game so I’ll pick this up… I heard the control for #R was PSP-friendly so it’s worth a purchase, unlike Darkstalkers and A3Max.

It’s incredible how retarded some people can be.

One word: “portable”.

Nobody buys a PSP to replace a PS2, dumb-ass. They do it to have high-quality games (and movies and music) that they can carry around.

How fucking HARD is to understand that? Jesus! Use your brain at least once!

Get some $5 dollar analog stick changers and you’re good to go; shit is fun.

Fuck Yes God Thank You!