Check this out-


Oro can do one rep of his standard chicken combo on Hugo midscreen. You just have to cancel the first hit of mp as late as possible- it feels like a 2 frame window. That’s probably what it says in the title. (paging Aku) Two reps, or Oro’s standard bnb is not possible. I tried for quite some time in training, and ESN was kind enough to confirm it through Macrolua testing. He says it misses by 5 pixels!

However, you can do this:


I made a short video showing a few of the other possibilities. It’s pretty cool, and not at all impractical.

This is funny because I remember watching Kuroda a while back, and he kept doing mp cancelled to mk chicken on Hugo and failing every time. I was thinking, what the hell is he doing? That doesn’t work. But it does!

That’s a very nice find. It says on the original video that it’s not very practical for matches but I can’t wait to try it out.

Awesome find. Wish I had OE to practice. :-/