PSX -> DC Converter?


Oh dear, how much will one of these cost me?


About $15


i recommend on getting the innovation converter for psx to dc. It usually cost from $19-$25. I got it from this site below:


Does it matter what your layout is if youve padhacked your custom made joysticks? For example, my layout is like so>> (the standard 6 button SF layout)

              [ ]  /\  L1
              X    O  R1


the converter reads R1 and L1 as the same button, same with R2 & L2

so if u want to wire 6 buttons, do something like

[] /\ R1
X O R2


I suppose I could just turn off R1 and R2 in the SF games button options too?
If i didnt want to rewire?
Sorry, not trying to hijack the thread here.