PSX Dualshock 1 controllers, Various other items, games etc


I’m looking to sell these items ASAP. PRICE DROPS!!!

PSX Dualshock 1 Controllers

$7 a piece + shipping. I have 5 A-series(2 clear ones are confirmed solderless), 2 H-series, and 1 M-series(Looks similar to the A-series so I am assuming it is solderless aswell.)

PSX Digital Pad**

$5 + shipping:

Guitar Hero: World Tour for the xbox 360(Bundle with 1 Guitar and the game).

$40 Shipped:

Geforce 7300 LE: $25 shipped:


Bump. Price Drop.


bump. new stuff added.


looking for any other trades for the EX besides a ps3?


bump nice looking stick


Maybe. What did you have in mind?


Price Drop.


if you drive past grandview on your way to brent’s i’ll grab that digital off ya. :slight_smile:


I come from gahanna so I don’t pass grandview.


Final Price Drop on HRAP EX.


New Stuff Added.


ill take one of the ds 1 pads that have a dark cord for $10 shipped, LMK


Still need to sale this stuff.




Bump Price Drop. I need to sell this stuff ASAP.


Would you consider a psp and 4gb stick for the EX?


sent pm about hrap ex. crossing my fingers that I’ll get it!


payment sent, thanks for being so speedy with your replies and I hope to see this soon!


lucky motherfucker… :crybaby: