PSX External Mod Chip

So I have recently started playing my US PSX (Playstation 1) again and would like to get an external mod chip for it. I have heard these exist that plug into the PSX unit from the back. Does anyone have any experiences with any PSX External Mods that they can give me some advice on? I have searched the threads and did not find anything on the original playstation. Thanks!

i got a modded ps1 u can have… no cords… just the system (small one)

someone wanna comment on the legality of this?
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if me giving this away is illegal… then i won’t do it? lol

noo talking about this

not sure about external modding… thats like discussing flip tops or w/e for ps2… kinda a subject that there is no fine answer to.

If no one wants that PS1 I’ll take it :angel:

Hahah I pmed a hour ago 8P Mine!

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Oh well. Back to emulator for me then heh.

Buy the PS-X-Change disc. You just load up the disc, open lid, swap out disc for game, close lid and press start(stops disc from spinning so its easy to do).

Used to have one of those back then and it worked perfect, and still can be found on various sites. The good ol’PSX days…

What’s really nice is that all of the cartridges are flashable. Most have a 25 pin connector on the back made to connect to a PC Comms-Link card (I think thats the name. I have one in storage). Most can also be upgraded with a special upgrade disc, if your PSX can boot backups already.

There’s one, I think its the Xploder model, that can be used and upgraded over a parallel port connection; no Comms-Link card required.

I guess Im saying is that with a little work, you can change any gameshark type cartridge to include that disk spin down, which is all that the ‘external modchip’ cartridges do. Add in a spring or something to hold the lid detect down, and you’re done.

An internal mod is better and won’t cause wear and tear on the little balls that hold the disc in from swapping repeatedly.