PSX MKT Combo Video - Stupid Noob

This is the latest video from Shock, ded_ and DreemerNJ at and It is a short video abusing the exploit of Noob Saibot’s Disabler move, but instead for the other characters who have special move limitations. It is a very broken move to begin with, and since no one would ever be dumb enough to backfire it, we decided to explore the combo possibilities.

We would like to see what other people can come up with so we’ve left a lot to the imagination, there are only 20 combos, but they are rather insane. Remember this is a glitch, because there is no reason for the combo to break just because the effect of the special move wears off, essentially game breaking.

DreemerNJ has a nice new huge server and is hosting the video on there:

The video uses Divx 6.1.1, 45.6 megs, 3 minutes 33 seconds.

This was a fun video, nothing fancy, enjoy!

Wow, nice. I never knew it actually reset the combo limitations…that’s straight BUH-ROKE…

Nice job, as always!! :tup:

Thanks man, I knew I could count on you!

Very nice! Does this concept give Sheeva anything impressive looking?

oh my god. I knew that the psx version had its bugs, but…but…but…I havent laughed that hard at a combo vid before in my life!

WTF LOL!! That amazing. Good shit.

shock im in love with you!


hope all is well bro! And that bastard rotts in hell for scamming your vid and disrespecting Prophet. <3

Yeah it’s just one glitch that applies to everyone. Pretty F’N terrible but awesome to exploit! :looney:

Also, that guy took the video day within one day, we’re working on getting another vid by someone that was stolen down.

great vid!.. that scorpion combo was too good haha

As far as I can tell, the best it does for Sheeva is reset damage protection after her throw. So you can throw into corner, d+lp, disabler wears off, and then get some hits at full damage. Nothing very impressive.

MK is too stupid for me to bother looking for kombo videos, but those were mostly awesome. A few too many clips of reptile being like “bam bam, run, bop bop, run bam bam, run, bop bop” ya know, but still, craziest shit I’ve ever seen in MK. I really like the MvC2 combo vids as well, especially the one with the techno song, really nice editing. be easy.

MK in general is very stupid, and poorly put together for a site like this. I have to agree. However, UMK3 is an entirely different animal. It is not like the rest of the MK games except that it is the center of MK3 and MKT in terms of design.

The Reptile combos were a bit overused, but they were to show different set ups, and max outs. Difficult nonetheless. I hope you watched more than the last two vids, there are some crazy combos in the others.