PSX pad (custom stick) on PS3 issue: Random buttons activation

Hi, I didn’t feel like this was part of the converter compatibility thread because I know the adapter isn’t the real problem. Let me explain:

I went to this tournament today on ps3, I use the A-serie psx pad for my stick with a dragonplus adapter. As I started playing, random inputs like the start button (90% of the time it was the start button) started happening. The weird thing is, I use my stick everyday on pc with the same adapter without a problem and I also uses it with a 360 adapter without problem also. So I guess my pcb isn’t the problem and neither my adapter. I also tested it out with another dragonplus adapter, same result and a third one that looked like a HVG2 but I’m not sure and the same thing happened. So I’m positive the adapter isn’t the problem.

Since the tournament was in a net cafe with lots of wifi, and there was at least 10 ps3 with lots of wireless remotes, could there be an interference problem? It sounds a bit ridiculous to me since I’m one of two player that had that problem, the other being someone with a dragonplus adapter as well.

I also remember that I used to play with the adapter on a ps3 at my friends house a year ago without a problem. I hope I gave enough details for you guys to help me out. Any helpful info is appreciated.

did a wire short while you were transporting the stick. I’ve had wires go loose mere minutes before a tourney started.

Well, I tested it on a PC with the controller properties thing that we can see which button I activate and no problem observed when I was testing for a minute or 2.

could be that when you played at your friends house a year ago with no problems it was with a different system firmware than the one you played on at your tourney. also, if you are using a PSX Digital pad (not Dualshock 1), then some adapters REQUIRE you use a control pad with the analog button (as it acts like the PS Home button). i hope this helped you at least a little bit.

Hmmm well, since it worked well before, I guess the adapter and the pcb combination works fine. But as you said, last year I played on a US PS3 and at the tourney, it’s an european PS3, but another point is I tried it again at a new friend’s house with his european PS3 and there wasn’t any problem with it using the same stick, same adapter but on FIFA (he didn’t have a fighting game). I started mashing out buttons and directions and no random start button activation.

That’s really some odd stuff…

Anyone else?

I will need my joystick to work in a month for another tourney, does anyone else have problems using their stick in a netcaf?