Psx pad hack problem


hi there. i’m attempting a pad hack to joystick using this particular psx pad version. so far almost all of the wires are soldered on, but there’s one particular problem: triggering d-pad down also triggers d-pad right. i’ve looked all around the area from the d-pad right’s signal and attempted to x-acto scrape as much as possible w/o removing the line, but nothing’s working. is there anything i can do to separate the d-pad right signal from the d-pad down signal on this pcb?


The signals aren’t connected.

If it’s activating both you’re soldering in the wrong place.

Where are you soldering to?


the above img explains where i first tried & where i might’ve scraped too much when trying for the alternate d-pad right location.

if worst comes to worst (and this is the second-to-worst case scenario, worst case being junk the pcb entirely), should i attempt to locate the proper pin on that motorola chip in the middle, raise it off the board, and solder the wire directly to it? those pins look way too small and delicate.


hiya neologix , you may be crossing Down and Right or Soldered in the wrong place…

Try a Digital Multimeter between 2 points to see if youve crossed Down and Right.

and you can aswell test to see if you have scraped too far , use your DMM between 2 points.


Have you tried scraping and soldering the points that the slagcoin tells you to? As in the blue circles.


it turns out there was some extra bit of solder around the white circled area from my last attempt at the start button. i’ve scraped off that bit and now d-pad down & right are separate, but i now have a new but similar problem: the d-pad up now triggers the start button. i’ll have to look around and see where any excess solder might be around the start button.