psx to pc convertor

i just got every mame game ever created, and well the convertor i got from frys sucks there is a bit of controller lag which isnt unbareable but when playing fighting games it annoys the living %#%^ outta me anyone know what is the best psx to pc controller adapater that basically provides lag free input

say, say, say!

what controller are you using? standard ps1/2 DS pad right? i suggest getting them when using controllers since 3rd parties arent always fully compatible.

to answer your question (from my experience), ive been getting those V-shaped adapters from hong kong sellers at ebay. $0.99 cents a piece + $9.00 shipping is the cheapest ive found. When i got mine, i found other friends who needed it and bought 5 total to save some more on shipping (bundle deals).

i’ve tried EA DS pads, gamestop DS pads, and a few 3rd party pads. so far, they’ve all worked on this adapter.

here’s a pic:

this one has a little blue led on the front that lights up when its hooked up, so it’s kinda annoying when the adapter is in front of you. i own different versions that don’t have that led, but they’re all pretty much the same in terms of compatibility with different pads.

yer supposed to own those mame roms IRL to have them saved on your comp :stuck_out_tongue: