PSX1/2 games for sale

what up fellow srk members up for sale i got some ps1/2 games used 4 sale.

  1. YS the ark of napishtim complete in good condition $10 plus 2 shipping
  2. kingdom hearts greatest hits complete used in good condition $10 plus 2 shipping
  3. harvest moon a wonderful life special edition complete near mint $7 plus 2 shipping
  4. final fantasy 10 greates hits complete used $8 plus 2 shipping
  5. wild arms 3 $5 plus 2 shipping original case missing book in used condition but works
    6.Phantom brave $13 plus 2 shipping
    7.Final Fantasy origins $10 plus 2 shipping greates hits mint condition complete
    due to being lame and not having paypal i can only accept money orders or cash through the mail sry for the inconvenience, if i had a digital camera i would upload pics but once again im lame ive done a few transactions through srk so u can trust me im legit also lookin for a new semitsu ls32

someone buy this shit off of me

update all 7 games 55 shipped