Psy pros and cons and usefull combos

psyloke colours
lp-original, pink blade
lk-black, yellow blade
hp-pink, pink blade
hk-dark purpule,yellow blade
a1-bluewish, pink blade(AKA the sick psylocke)
a2- dark blue, yellow blade(the brown psylocke)

special moves
psi-shot=qcf punch
psi-blade=qcf kick
Ninjistu teloport=qcb
lp=top left hp=top right
lk=bottom left hk=bottom right


psi-thrust=qcf pp(mash for more hits)
psi-malestorm=qcf kk(very usless)
Kouchau Gaukure hcb kk(her best super)

Pros and cons for psy.


  1. she has amaizing speed
  2. Her combos are devastating
  3. her AAA sets up anything(icl i.m inf)
  4. 2 of her supers are usefull (not malestorm)
  5. all of her supers connect with her ground combos
  6. Her AAA beats out lots of other assists

1.all her supers have lag and lack distance
2. she can barely chip
3. she doesnt take damage good
4. she has bad reach

this is a good psy combo
K.G-kauchou gaukaure
SJ. super jumps
lp-light punch botton
lk-light kick botton
hp-hard punch
hk-hard kick
->-dash in
P.S-psi shot(her projectile)
p.b-psy blade

->lp,lp, lk,dhk,lp p.s.,->lk, lk pb., lk(otg),dhp,sj lp, lk, lp, lk, u hk,jump lp, lk, lp, lk, p.b ,K.G.
really usefull combo this does excellent damage

lp,lk,d hp, sj lp,lk,lp,lk,p.b., k.g.
really simple and does good damage

this only works on big characters (jug, hulk, sent etc)

lk,(d.hp, sjlp, p.s.,lp, lp, p.s) do the braket over and over I recommend to try to reset the inf caus after 30 hits, the marvel rule will kick in (the more hits you do, the less damage the opp takes)

P.S. if you have more combos feel free to post :slight_smile:

psyloke VS. THE BIG 4

Run-Away storm: this is really hard to face. A good R.A. storm is hard to catch. but for psy it want be that hard. with ur 3 jumps and psi shots then you should’nt have a problem catching her

Sent: this match psy has a great advantage on the ground but flying, she can’t touch him. try using the ninjutsu teleport
on ground: Cross over!!!
air: teleport, psi thrust(only if really needed)

Magnus: Kauchou Gaukure!!! magnus players intend to rush you down. psi-blade K.G. is only combo. and stay the fuck away from corners. Magnus can trap u

cable: 1-on-1 psy has a speed advantage air/ground advantage just watch out for the gun. if cble players need an A.A.A. to back em off. but if they don’t have 1. you r fine

the last thing about psy that most ppl don’t know is that after the the air k.g. you can call out an assit after its over. you can either

  1. combo off of it
  2. protect urself
  3. if u miss the air k.g and u dont another super to dhc or ur next cerecter is really screwed up u can call out an assit to help you

and psy lock best assist is the anti air assit. DON’T USE THE OTHER 2 BECAUSE THEY SUK!!! TRUST ME:D

More combos
–>lp,lk,d hp, S.J lp,lp, u hk, jump, lp, lk, mp, mk, (throw, p.b.), K.G.

(the braket part has to have perfect timing)


(in Corner) p.b, lk(otg), p.b, (otg),hk throw, hp,lk, p.b
these combo is kinda treaky and techable but resets and do good dmg

psylocke and thanos in this order.
1.] j.roundhouse+(thanos capture type) v d.s jab> short> strong> (forward?)> short psi-blade{hit lk for more hits}(capture hits)> d.s jab> short> strong> forward> c. fierce ^ s.j. jab> short> strong> forward> U/f+roundhouse> d.j.short> foward> U/f+roundhouse> short psi-blade xx kochu gakare xx

i like to do this combo as much as possible. If you have Thanos and Ironman after her this turns into a 100% combo and over 100 hits.

p.s i’m unsure that you need the first forward, so do one with and without.

thats a sick combo

but I dont wonna use thanos can it that combo work w/ storm assist?

i’ll work on it.
i’m pretty sure that you can do it.
i’ll use alpha projectile type first then beta.
i should come up with something soon.


this might be it?

psylocke and storm in this order
2.] opponent in the corner. j. fierce> j. roundhouse v d.s jab> short> strong> forward> fierce+(storm expansion type)>roundhouse ^ j. short> j.forward> u/f+roundhouse (jump u/f)> d.j short> d.j forward> short psi-blade xx kochu gakare xx xx ice storm xx

you have to do the short and forward slow to gain control while in the air.

psyloke as an assit

this is where psylocke really shines. psy at least has to be the 5th best assist in the game, she beats almost every single assit(except ken, cammy, tronnbonne) or cancels with another assist(cyclops, doom). not only that psy has the ability to set up lots of diff combo with many charecters(ex storm cable iron man, magneto etc…). she can also set up either the ironman or warmachine inf. but when she is placed on the same team with magneto they are really unstoppable

jump in hp, hk, land, c. hp, sj. lp, Psy Shot, double jump, dj. lp, Psy Shot, Psy Blade XX Psionic Butterflies

does about 95 damage on Cable

DHC into Tempest, Hail, Proton Cannon, or HSF and it should lead to a dead opponent.

jump in hp, land, c. hp, sj. hp, sj. up + hk, Psy Blade XX Psionic Butterflies

jump in hp, hk, land, c. hp, Psy Blade, OTG c. lk, c. hp, sj. up + hk, Psy Blade XX Psionic Butterflies/Psy Thrust

jump in hp, hk, land, c. hp, sj. lp, lk, lp, up + hk, doubje jump, hk throw, triple jump behind opponent, Psionic Butterflies

Psy advance

Basicly now I am evolving my psyloke to advance. I know basic and trick psy.

If you guys know any good resests post em here. I also read Dsarik hk throw thread which really helped me so tnx a lot.
Botnaka tnx for that combo I get it like 20% of the time on the comp. Once I start to master it properly my psy will be improved.

PS. if u guys have anymore tips tell me please. I want to evolve my psy to be 1 of the best. Right now it’s either the best or one of the best in my city

anyone know a good way to start her infinite???

Sup Ramy,

Good job on this thread ur covering alot of psylock, if u are stuck using psylock on point, and u have storm next, u can do a great combo, that should or at least nearly kill your opponent.

Basically my favourite combo, because it looks cool,
do a normal psylock air combo, lp,lk,d hp, sj lp,lk,lp,lk,p.b., k.g., then DHC into storms hail storm, now the target character will be near the top, taking much damage on the hail storm, then u can lightning attack, this will probably hit, it always hits with me, and lightining storm right after.

My combo will own u ramy, he he he peace, and keep up the good work!!!

this is better

After u do the hail storm, dash down wait till opp. falls then
lk hk, sj lp, lk,lp,lk dash lk,lk ligtning attack lightning storm. This is a way better combo then yrs

Hello to you all.

CammyRocks-Thanks for the info on the BIG 4 analysis. That will help in my game. BTW, I’m Gene from San Antonio, and I use psy a little bit differently than others. My game is air, and her jumps are indeed very resourceful. I have been considered to have one of the better psys in SA because her speed is a major factor to her game. The only bad thing I encounter is BH’s anti-air assist. I was wondering if anyone might have a few suggestions to overcome that…


Against the assist: when ever you jump always hold back. if ur on the ground lp. safe and it works.

Against blackheart: bh players always sj hk dash hk. stay on the ground and make sure ur blocking. once bh comes near the ground cross him up with frwrd+hk. cancel the hard kick into K.G(goto to the top to see how to do it) and then otg and do combos. if u get on top of bh do a basic a.c. or take a risk and either do psy blade or any of her super. And if u have an assist call it out once the super is dopne!!! psy’s k.g is the only air super in the game where mu can call an assist after its done IN THE AIR!!!
the last thing you can do is abuse the teleport u can jump out of the teleport and start doing A.C(works on ps2 version not sure about arcade or D.C.) so basicly I hope this helped you

P.S it’s cammy_rulz not cammy_rocks:bluu: :wink:

Meh, sorry bout the name mistake…I’m trying to study for a school test and type info here at the same time…but I’ll remember that, and thanks for the advice. I will remember that for next time

How should i play and attack with psylocke on point ? i wanna master her s i need tactics and ways to set up combos , pokes , mind games ect. with her thanx in advance:D

play psylocke like you would play storm…

psy on point is quite interesting because most ppl use her for A.A.A.

tricks= her b-hk is really good on ground because when ur close to ur opp. you can do that then press frwrd. If u r close to ur opp. psy will go through his/her chrcter by that xx into Kauchau Gaukaure A.k.A butterfly swarm(jap name is better) which would cause to a cross up

Ground: use the hk trick or p.shot p. thrust(it connects)
Air: look at the begining of this thread for her combos
Corner: same combos cept when u r doing an air combo instead p.blade do p.shot psi thrust or Kauchau Gaukaure connects and does good dmg. both supers do around the sme dmg but I think K.G. does a bit more. w/ p.thrust it does around 20-23 hits, w/K.G. it does 25-30 hots both doing al most a quarter and a halg a quarter(around 35-40 pixels)

what to watch for:
Launcher: has a bad lag so protect ur self with a lp p.shot if you miss.
Teleport :not to be abused but use it like 4 times a match and remeber each button takes you to a diff spot(check begining of the thread)
K.G.: as you know Psylocke can’t do anyhting till she reaches the ground. BUT YOU CAN CALL AN ASSIST TO PROTECT YOU. Yes YOU CAN CALL AN ASSIST TO PROTECT YOU.

Mind Games:
Hk trick
dash lp lk (when opp is blocking low)

if I remeber anything ill post. I hope this helps you:)