Psy pros and cons and usefull combos

is her f+hk worth using ? or is it a waste of time?

by the way thanx cammy_rulz and i agree with your nick:D
cammy owns everybody and she’s the ‘‘OTG’’ Queen , great pokes , speed and decent and awesome looking damaging "KBA’'
air combo’s.:evil:

What’s Psy’s best Jump in?

Hard kick or hard punch and that poke she does after her teleport(very unsafe)

*Originally posted by Neo_Slasher *
cammy owns everybody and she’s the ‘‘OTG’’ Queen

Jill’s the otg queen.

jill sux!
Cammy owns her for free. Can’t argue with me because cammy is ranked way higher then jill. Cammy is tied for the best A.A.A. in the game. and she is 12th best crecter in the game. jill is like 24th so there

plus otg doesnt really matter since any1 can easily escape it so there!:stuck_out_tongue: :evil:

F+hk is good depending on your situation.

A real flashy combo for her, not that damaging but looks cool…

j.Feirce, j.Roundhouse,/ c.Roundhouse xx LP PS, c.Jab, c.Feirce, /\ sj.magic series, sj.u/f Roundhouse, dj.magic series, dj.u/f Roundhouse, tj.u/f Roundhouse xx LK PB xx KG

If u can time it well enough u can only just see the bottom of her feet while shes doing the KG :smiley: u can also DHC into mags tempest and they get caught on their way down, then cont. with mag combo of ur choice.

…thats is all I need to say…
…how about this lp lk lp (W/storm alpha assist) lk p.bld(lk version)–>lp c.hp up hk p.blade(hk) otg lk c.hp sj lp lk lp lk jump lp lk lp lk you can either do p.blade K.g or jump lp lk lp lk hp

one hell of a long combo but meh

Full life combo:
took me a while but I think i got it. This combo is weird but meh
you need psy(duh) strm(alpha) tronn(gamma)
In corner:

lp lk lp (W/storm alpha assist) lk p.bld(lk version)–>lp c.hp up hk p.blade(hk) otg lk c.hp sj lp lk lp lk jump lp lk lp lk p.blade K.g, wait once the screen turns back to normal call out tronne, tronn does her assit while u come down then you do, lp, c hp, sj lp lk lp lk, jump lp lk lp lk up hk p.blade K.G, dhc storm hailstorm

2nd (Bootknocka combo, all the credit goes to him for this 1)
opponent in the corner. j. fierce> j. roundhouse v d.s jab> short> strong> forward> fierce+(storm expansion type)>roundhouse ^ j. short> j.forward> u/f+roundhouse (jump u/f)> d.j short> d.j forward> short psi-blade xx kochu gakare xx hail storm

this is a really good combo and fun to do against cocky people

on sent
jump in hp hk lk lk over and over to 36 then do an aircombo(check the top for choices for psylockes aircombos)

if I find more ill post it up:)

This is just a post to thank Cammy rulz (got the name right…:wink: ) for the advice on BH a while back.

Also, I’ve learned that it is well worth the risks of using Psy’s psi blade in the air, since most people don’t expect it. She is also THE best at aerial mind games. I have created a style with her where she stays in the air almost indefinetely, utilizing her triple jumps and good, prioritized moves. Now, I have a Psy well worth a challenge (on good days, anyway). BH isn’t as big of a threat now as before, but I was wondering on how anyone would fight a runaway Storm. Any ideas would help…and thanks in advance.


sorry my comp. was being upgraded.

sj and throw psy shots(both lk & hk)

punishing storm’s hailstorm(storm can’t be in the corner)

when storm is dashing up to do her hail storm. use the ninjitsu teleport to get to the other side. If you time it right psy will be long gone when the hail is FALLING. do the poke after the teleport and punish storm. pretty risky but its worth doing.

if you don’t want to risk it just teleport once the hail start falling. hope this helps angainst strom

Psylocke combos:

in the corner:

c.hp sj hp p.shot psy thrust= half life combo.

any where on screen

c hp sj lp p.shot p.blade kauchau gaukaure= 70 % of cables life, 45% of sent life, 80% of akuma

Its funny cause no one ever plays ths idiot Ramy with BH, I wonder how he could give advice on it.

its funny how cammy rules/ramy is actually giving advice, since he has never placed top 15 in a 16 man tournament

I sometimes for fun use Psylocke on Point, and I was just wondering what are some good assists for her?

Cammy, cable, and tron’s projectile

what is psy blade? lol

whats thrust? lol:confused: o psy blade is d df f lk or hk

is there any speacial way to do the infente on sent becasue i tryied the jump hp hk lk lk jump reapeat, and the jump lp lk lk hp hk jump reapeat? but non work whats the trick to it?

there are no special wasy to do it

Yo Ramy Wanna money match me on your full life psylocke vs. My T.Bonne?

any time jerris any time