Psy triple jump air combo

hey guys ive recently bought x arcade and trying to learn how to play mvc2 better so pardon my newbie ness but can someone give me some tips on use psy and doing her triple jump air combo

so far im jus trying to practice timing and hitting the buttons =D

trying to do her air combo and linkin double jump into it and doing butterflies

launch, magic series,, jump towards char, lp, lk, lp,, qcf hk, and butter flies?

is that correct or can u do more or does this combo varies

i just do 1234,,, super. it’s hard to connect though. you’re better off with just going for 1234, psy drain, super or a reset like launch,, lk fall behind them psy drain (what the hell is the name of it?) super.

Your avator makes me sick, honestly there isn’t anything funny about that. But yeah this looks weird but try out this, launch 1234 up hk,jump again with lk, up fp xxx psyblade and whatever.