Psychic Force 2012

An oddball fighting game if there ever was one. Surprisingly a friend of mine managed to build a small competitive scene of kids looking for something to do with their DCs with it.

I was wondering if anyone else played this game seriously at all?

As well any tier lists or ideas of what the tier list would look like would be appreciated.

I pretty much play Wendy exclusively. She was the character I initially clicked with, but I dabble in Keith.

Here’s a take on a possible tier list:

Top- Burn, Setsuna, Might

Middle- Wong, Gates, Keith, Emilio

Lower- Regina, Carlo, Gudeath, Wendy

Shit- Genshin, Patty

I wanna say Gudeath could be a bit higher, but Emilio kicked him out with his arrows and punch punch circle strong.

Anyways, any other players?

You know there is a newer one for PS2 right? Im about to get it…I remember this game for Dreamcast…at the beginning…and you know theres other threads about it right?

I’ve seen other people play this game but only once. Based on what I remember, it looked really unorthodox compared to the more mainstream fighting games.

I searched and didn’t find anything in here about it. There was a few that touched on pf but nothing major that I saw.

I know there’s a newer one for ps2 but considering I don’t have a jp or modded ps2 that’s not really an option.

Does anyone know any specifics about the ps2 one? I know they included some of the original pf characters like brad and sonia or whoever. Brad seems interesting. But did they change the way any of the normal characters play?

Emilio was a beast. From what I remember it was pretty fun, but really strange. Don’t know how deep the gameplay could really be.

Hey when I get the Ps2 version you are more than welcome to come play it…

It’s not 3s or KoF, but it makes up for it with its intensity. It’s also one of the few games I’ve played that’s built on mind games and traps. Especially characters like Emilio and Wong.

The one thing I like about the game is that it’s still easy to pick it up and find something you’ve never seen before. You’ll still see the cpu pull something off and wonder if it’s possible for a human to do it. And pretty much if you’re insane enough, then you can figure it out too.

Wong’s got some especially strange capabilities when using his teleporting swords. A friend of mine figured a way to do three of his sword + daggers attack that link together. It takes extremely difficult timing and probably not plausible in an actual match, but just that it works is exciting nonetheless.

This game rubbed me the wrong way, it just didn’t make any sense. I remember it having a fairly cool meter usage system, but the disc won’t read anymore for some reason. I did enjoy the way the environment is setup at least.

You mean the way the game played didn’t make any sense? It did seem funny when you really think about it. The game’s more akin to asteroids than street fighter.

Wow. Alot of people don’t like this game huh?

Anyway, my friend and I play this game pretty religously. We are big fans of the series and we both can’t wait for Project Psychic to com out for the PS3.

Well, might as well start contributing to the thread. Some things in your possible tier list are really good and some things just make no sense imo. Not bashing just giving my thoughts.

Well, for one thing why is there no high tier? Well here is my take on the tier list.

Edit: This is the list my friend and I came up with after a little deliberation and debate. The rankings are in order and should be read from left to right.

Top- Wong, Emilio (Both are tied for the rank of number one)

Lower Top- Burn, Kieth

High- Setsuna, Genshin

Middle- Might, Gudeath, Gates, Patty, Regina

Low- Wendy

Bottom- Carlo

Ok let me explain my tier placings a little bit. Wong is just a monster. To be blunt, he’s just a flat out cheater. He has incredible defensive capabilites along with awesome mindgame potential. To sum up Wong in a sentence. Teleporting is gay. He can combo his golden sword straight into another one if the first caused a wall bounce then do the second part of the move where he calles all the smaller swords to impale his opponent. Yes the combo is plausible in a real match. It’s all about mindgames with Wong and he can pull it off. If a Wong player nails this combo it can take nearly half your life bar.

His long range strong attack is another great mindgame tool. Throw it in another direction then cause it to reappear behind your opponent. A very nice trick. You can’t spam it, but it will keep them guessing. His split image teleport is great when you want to dodge techniques, but not suffer from barrier hit stun. He can also buffer his psychic attacks from his teleports, so its possible to throw out a golden sword almost immediately after you teleport.

He also has a teleport that he can do after he gets knocked back. He can do this from anything. Even a throw! So you could throw him, he telpeorts instead of doing a retreat barrier and then he combos you. Or he could just mindgame you and and dash away. When you try to rush him or dash away he sticks a golden sword down your throat. By the way, that sword does great damge and has fairly quick start up time. I’m pretty sure it’s safe on block too, meaning if your opponent uses a barrier to defend themselves they can’t retaliate fast enough because Wong can just defend himself or push his attack. By the way. HE CAN FREEZE TIME!!! So if you only have a little bit of health left he just hyper chrage then time freeze. Then you can kiss your ass good bye when he grabs you. So you are forced to stay on him, which plays right into his hands. Honestly, Wong is god in this game, and I was quite shocked to see that he asn’t top tier on your list oldboy. Here is a link to a strategy guide with info on Wong’s moves and his overall statistics, as well as the other characters. The info is accurate and helps illustrate my point. Here is the link:

As you can see by looking at that faq Wong has many moves that begin execution under half a second, which is pretty much the cut off for fast moves in this game. Under 30 fps is good but go over it and that’s when you notice an increase in execution time of moves. One of the reasons why Wong is such a beast. His time control moves have considerable start up times, but when you consider the effects it’s well worth it.

Wow, I typed alot. Ok, I have alot more to say like about advanced techniques and such and other characters in this game, but I’ll save that until later.

I haven’t played it in a long time. I remember using a stick on it felt terrible.

Hey Emblem Lord, if you were planning to come to Cape’s smashfest on Nov. 4th and 5th, I could play some PF2012 with ya. Cactuar mentioned that you and WoZ play it all the time, so you’re probably better than I am, but I love competition in any fighter. I have both DC and PS2 versions. Hope to see you there.



Well, oldboy pretty much let this die so I’m taking this shit ova now~~~

Yeah, new tier list.

Top- Wong, Emilio (Both are tied for the rank of number one)

Lower Top- Burn, Kieth

High- Setsuna, Patty

Middle- Might, Gudeath, Carlo, Genshin, Regina

Low- Wendy

Bottom- Gates

I still have this game. Played it about two months ago. It’s…eh, it has to grow on you. Haven’t heard about any ps2 version though…

man i used to play the hell out of this game i. me and my buddies everyday

This game= pure mindgames and traps. There are abusable moves, but it’s mostly mindgames.

It’s definately an acquired taste.

I’m gonna post more later about my tier placings and then go in depth with each character. I’m not hoping to spark some huge community for Psychic force, although it would be cool since the third one is coming out for the PS3. Rather I’m doing it so I have an outlet for my thoughts and so I call finally voice all the ideas and knowledge I have about this game.

And maybe, just maybe I’ll get some discussion going.

you can have the thread if you want, I like the new tierlist alot better. Gates on bottom though? I’m just curious.

Well, I guess we can start talking about Gates.

He’s as good a place as any to start discussion about Tier placings.

I’ll keep it simple. I’ll talk about pros and cons then give a brief summary of why a character is where they are placed.



  • TOW missile has very high homing properties

  • He’s a heavy wieght so he doesn’t get knocked around as far.

  • Stun Spark and Plasma Cannon are good moves at close/mid range. Stun spark for projectile spammers. And both are good for countering dash ins. Although Stun Spark is slower on the draw then Plasma Cannon. Plasma cannon can also be used in combos. Then followed up with a TOW Missile or a Boost arm

  • All range missile is good for locking your opponent in thier barrier then he can dash in with a barrier break.

  • Double Boost is good for projectile wars and both arms home in. One arm stops the projectile the other hits his oppenent.

  • Has a good bread and butter wall combo. Light attack, strong attack, Wall bounce, Boost arm.


  • He’s a heavy weight so his dash is slow and his attack speed is slow. Attack speed isn’t that big of a deal, but dash speed is. It means he has a harder time pressuring with dashes and his oppenents will have an easier time dashing away and regrouping which is bad.

  • He is a bigger target so slide dashing isn’t as effective with him.

  • All Range Missile, while it can be effective, is far too slow, and Gates will usually be at mid/close range although he can play all ranges. This can be dodged easially and he won’t have many opportunities to pull it off.

  • Plasma Cannon, Boost arm, and Double boost are all unsafe on block. The lag from a blocked or dodged Plasma Cannon, Boost Arm, or Double Boost will give his enemy ample time to combo the hell out of him.

  • Very simple. No real tricks or alot of mindgames. He can’t really do much. You’ll be relying alot on dashing dancing and projectile spam. These tactics are easily overcome.

Summary: Gates has some good stuff going for him. A nice Basic Projectile with his TOW Missile. A good wall combo. A few solid options at close range and mid-range. Thing about him is that he is slow and laggy. If you block one of his moves then there is a good chance he will get his faced smashed in. G-cracker is slow and pretty useless IMO as well. And overall his game is very simplistic. When I play him I try to like him, but I just can’t DO anything with him. He has good combos but a faster character would be better because his dash is slow. All range missile would be good , but it has a long start-up and although it looks like it can’t be dodged it actually can be. Dashing in with him is just asking to be grabbed. And grabs come out faster then physical attacks so when you combine that with Gates slow speed things don’t look too good for him. Overall he is just too big and slow with little depth to his game. Which wouldn’t be so bad if his moves made up for it. But they don’t and they just end up adding to his weakness overall. His weaknesses hurt his game too much.

So who should i do next?

Also, oldboy, do you and your friends still play this game? What was your reasoning behind your original tier list? Why was Gates higher on yours?

DO Burn or Emilio. I dont even think i unlocked Burn in the game lol.

Ok, I’ll do Burn. lol. I was wondering when you would find this thread Lilman.

Ok here we go.



  • The second strongest bread and butter wall combo. Light attack, light attack, strong attack, wall bounce, God Pheonix. Does a little over a third of a characters life bar in damage. A life bar is 1000 points. This combo does 337 points of damage. Nothing to scoff at.

  • Triangle heat is a good all purpose move. Good for combos, countering dash ins, he can implement it in dash dance mindgames and corner traps. It has ok start up time, good speed and evading it is extremely difficult if not impossible. It completely dominates people who whore dash dancing and slide dashing. When they are trapped by the symbol Burn has enough time to charge his Psy. Also blowing up the symbol takes no extra Psy.

  • Burning trail is a good dash in counter. It’s also good for projectile wars. Time it right and Burn will be unaffected by incoming Psy attacks as he charges this move making it ideal for closing in quickly, when used wisely. It’s a good combo ender too.

  • Exploder is another move for countering dash ins and close range projectile wars. Hits multiple times and has good start up time. Safe on block too and it can be aimed which makes it more spammable.

  • Middle weight so he has a good dash, but still doesn’t get knocked into walls as easily as a light weight. Best of both worlds IMO.

  • Burning Hand is good for keeping your opponent in the corner. Deceptive range. Damage is high for it’s cost.

  • Flame shoot: Comes out fast and has large size and decent homing properties. A decent long range tool as well. Has good travel speed too. Fairly safe at mid range. Good for pressuring your opponent. A very good combo ender for when you have low Psy energy.

  • God Pheonix is the ultimate combo ender. Once again it is a good counter to dash ins, and is very good with dash dancing mindgames. Can also be buffered from a slide dash, which increases it’s usefullness. He is also protected from attacks while charging this up.


  • Very limited at long range. Can’t really do that much at that range. But his dash speed and solid pressure game negate this weakness to a very large extent.

  • Triangle Heat is totally unsafe on block. It’s his best move overall, and since he uses it alot that means there are more chances for him to be punished for it.

  • There are a few frames of vulnerabilty when Burn charges up the God Pheonix. I believe it’s when he brings his arms back to threw the Pheonix and a small part of his chest is exposed. If he is hit at this moment he will take damage and the Pheonix will dissappear. This is neglible though because it has only happened to me on a few occasions in all my years of playing. The timing is very specific I think.

  • When charging up the Burning Trail his legs are exposed. If they are hit he will take damage. But this doens’t happen often. It’s also easily dodged when it is spammed and used without thinking.

  • Nova Flare and Nova Flare shot are basically useless.

  • Flame Shoot is unsafe at close range.

Summary: Burn’s forte is close range combat and pressuring his opponent while staying in their face. He does well at midrange too, but poorly at long range. Arguable Flame shoot is all he needs at long range because of it’s speed and he could also use Nova Flare shots, but either way, close/mid range is what Burn is all about. His good dash speed lets him stay up close and personal. And his combos are damn good. He has a good combo ender for when he has full Psy to 30% of his Psy. This way he is almost always able to dish out some pain. His moves are all great for his game plan and will serve a purpose for what ever the situation calls for. He is a straight forward character that has the tools to deal with whatever comes his way. Triangle heat, Flame shoot and Exploder are usually the moves of choice for what ever situation you find yourself in and they get things done right. Triangle heat is great, but he must be careful because of his lag. Burning Hand also has noticeable lag. This is really what keeps him from being Top instead of lower top. His lag. He can be very unsafe and risky and having to be up close so much puts him at risk even more. Overall he has good attributes and attacks. He can mix up well with dash combos, grabs, psy moves and barrier breaks because of his dash speed, and the speed of his other attacks, plus his combos are vicious. That said, he is a great character and a force to be reckoned with.

So who’s next?

Not Emilio. After doing a higher character how about a lower one?