Psychic Force (Complete Set)

Anyone getting this game?
Its coming out in Japan on the 29th.

Comes with 3 games (I forget there names).

One of the games where on DC tho. I never played it and was wondering how its like.
Is it broken?

i only played 2012 and i loved it. PF isnt that popular amonst SRK so im geussing only 10% of people will actually give a fuck about this including myself.

I can only think of two PS titles right off the bat (didn’t know there were three) unless it comes bundled with the PS movie. The PS titles played differently from other standard fighters on the market at the time, so they didn’t get the attention they deserved. You fought in a cubelike terrain & were left vulnernable when trapped against a corner (green/blue lines) to attacks.

The games weren’t broken persay, each character played equally in the own perspective. The games were just too over the top for some people at the time. If you’ve played any of the DBZ B titles, that’s the best example as to how the PS titles somewhat played However, Taito’s supposedly working on an entirely new sequel for the ps3.

I love Psychic Force. However, I only played 2012 on the Dreamcast (still have it to).

When I first played it, I was like “Um this is ok”. Then when I turned up the difficulty, I was like “OMG, I’m getting pwned”.

You really need to think stratagically for this game.

I believe the PS2 collection includes the following: Psychic Force, Psychic Force 2012, and I believe an update of 2012.

Might pick it up to add to the collection, I’ve played the PSX version and DC versions before…seemed ok. Never really got too into the game though. Thanks for the info though.

I care about the series, but I already have one of the best ones on Dreamcast and don’t have anyone to play against in it anyways so getting the collection would be kind of pointless. Most newer players can’t get pass the “fire random projectiles” level of gameplay.

The PSX version of 2012, aka the “update”, had more characters but uglier graphics (and probably bad framerate) since it was downgraded to work on a less powerful system.

yea, i have it .

It’s been out since yesterday but I don’t think I"ll even bother grabbing it

Ran across some different boxart packaging images off of Taito’s website:

Click on the different icons (on the right & bottom sides of the boxart) to see more images.

I’m downloading this game and its about 920 GB.
Is that right? :confused:

948MBs zipped. Don’t know about unzipped, didn’t check.

i thought the dc game was kinda fun (loved the characters). are there competition vids for this game?

I never saw any match vids online of this game but IIRC someone mentioned that some JP matches came in a seperate disc if you bought the “X” game on PSX (fighting game based on an anime that used a dumbed Psychic Force engine).

Wish someone would have uploaded them.

Actually DBZ Supersonic Warriors 1/2 are far more like PS than the budokai games are.

Damn, my psychic force ISO is downloading so slow.

I was hopping to post up some noob matches of me and my friends playing so others can get the idea of how this game plays like.

Pozer, I’ll tell you how it is in 30mins or so

30 mins?!

I wanna play tooooooooo :sad:

game is good, but i´ve found some graphical bugs in setsuna´s 1p costume, 2p seems to be rid of the flaws, but overall the game is a good port, with damn good controllability and speed, i´ve noticed SOME slowdown during the more hectic battles but it´s not that intrusive

Yeah, I’ve notice a bit slow downs here and there but nothing serious.

The game is good once you have an understand on what the fuck your doing (FAQ that shit). But yeah, nice to play.