Psychic Shoryukens?

I’ve been regularly playing a Ryu player in endless lately and I’ve noticed he has an uncanny habit of successfully shoryukening all of my tick throw/frame traps attempts, however whenever I attempt to exploit this and bait one of these shoryukens he never does them. As an Akuma player this puts the hurt on me hard, he’s not exactly a character built for eating many moves.

I don’t really suffer the problem against anyone else I’ve played but this one guy, I can usually bait people
and punish them pretty hard.

Any idea what this guy could be doing? Is there something to it or is he just being incredibly random and I’m being incredibly unlucky?

I feel like he’s really limiting my offensive options because his defense is pretty solid so the only time I can do any consistent damage against him is punishing his whiffed footsies, which he doesn’t like to throw out that often anyway.

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Your bait attempts are probably too obvious

He’s kicking your ass…

Post this thread in the right section on the board and your FG skills may improve too!

The only thing I’m doing different is not trying to frame trap him with a cr.Strong, it’s the exact same set up
I just don’t throw the the cr.Strong out there after the cr.lp. Whenever I throw it out it eats a shoryuken.

I already pointed out it was a mistake.

Actually we’re about 50/50 at the moment, I’m out playing the guy in other areas but his seemingly psychic shoryukens are levelling the field.

The problem is that you play Akuma in Super Turbo and you’re still losing.

No, you edited your post after I posted. There are no second chances on SRK bitch, you fucked up!

Now sit in a corner and think about what you have done

Someone oughtta slap some sense into you

How dare you post in the wrong section

Not even an amateur would make such a mistake

No actually, my edit made it in straight after Nini.

I smell a rat.