Psychic Shoryukens?

I’ve been regularly playing a Ryu player in endless lately and I’ve noticed he has an uncanny habit of successfully shoryukening all of my tick throw/frame traps attempts, however whenever I attempt to exploit this and bait one of these shoryukens he never does them. As an Akuma player this puts the hurt on me hard, he’s not exactly a character built for eating many moves.

I don’t really suffer the problem against anyone else I’ve played but this one guy, I can usually bait people
and punish them pretty hard.

Any idea what this guy could be doing? Is there something to it or is he just being incredibly random and I’m being incredibly unlucky?

I feel like he’s really limiting my offensive options because his defense is pretty solid so the only time I can do any consistent damage against him is punishing his whiffed footsies, which he doesn’t like to throw out that often anyway.

My setups aren’t any different, it’s simply just a case of me not throwing out that cr.strong frame trap most of the time. When I throw it out it eats a shoryuken, when I don’t he does nothing.

I’m gonna give the guy the benefit of the doubt and say he’s EXTREMELY good at reading you and finding holes in your tick/frame trap setups, and just is overall very knowledgeable of the Akuma match up. I could be very wrong though. In which case ignore me.

Are you using the same tick throw/frame trap setup everytime?
Also don’t forget how someones mindset is affected each time a frame trap/tick throw is successful/dp’d
Getting dp’d out of a frame trap, opponent may not want to risk another dp immediately because they know you will take countermeasures after the first. Maybe he knows that and is gonna dp on that guess. maybe, maybe not. Mindgames.

If anything, watch your own replays and find out your own patterns along with his. Look at tendencies, does he tend to dp after a reset? or a crossup?

I dunno, maybe you are just noticing more successful dps than ones you did bait and punish because his does a lot more damage now and in reality its not too much different. makes it more noticable? I dunno, hard to tell without videos. You might just be mindfucked every round

You’re right I never really considering watching the replays and looking for patterns there, it should be easier when I’m not under pressure.
Thanks for the advice.

Watch his meter and start doing dp frame traps since it will beat his dp and crouch techs. You can also do frame traps like jump in then walk back a little and do>fb, this will block his dp and beat delay cr.techs.

You got read son