Psychic Soldier Kai

These are characters from a comic book that I’m going to start working on soon. I’m doing the story, and the artwork (sans colors since I suck at them lol). Anyway, let me know what you think. :slight_smile:

I don’t get it, but WOW!..

**LoL well thanks for the kind words anyway.

Btw, the pic is a little low-res. I wish I knew a way to make the pic look a little sharper. Ah well.**

Dude I have the problem with that too- TIME is a great factor simply not enough hours in a day…I have photoshop and here i am slowly learning how to work it properly…ive developed characters as well, but My regular work with layouts and animation class is REALLY taking time away from it…Im falling behind…anyways this is a serious piece of work from ya man- excellent stuff Hanzou.:wink:

**Here’s a more hi-res pic;

And I hear ya Gunstar. I’m just learning Photoshop and painter now. I seriously envy those kids coming up now growing up around those programs. They’re going to have serious advantage that we never had.**