Psycho chicks in green armor: the Tron Bonne thread



UPDATE - New thread soon by someone else. Updating this is low priority for me, and someone who actually cares about Tron should do her better than I have. Yes hetero.

Discuss all things Tron Bonne here, at least until the game’s release when SRK will likely form character-specific sub-forums.


Tron looks like a 3D rendered version of her MvC2 appearance.

Her English VA was heard in a video I can no longer find, and seems to capture Tron’s confident arrogance nicely. Not sure if it’s the same one from the Legends games. Any tips on the English VA would be appreciated.

A single Servbot accompanies her as before.

Her Marvel “rival” and her backstory are unknown at this time.


Like Doom, Iron Man, and Wolverine, Tron Bonne has a modified but similar-looking moveset based on MvC2.


  • Still has the rock grab and throw (called “Bandit Boulder” based on the assist select screen), and it appears the rock can still be held (button unknown)
  • Still has the body spin move (Heavy Attack) which appears to be an amazing crossup
  • Still has the flamethrower, which Seth Killian calls a mini-launcher

Capture Gun

  • Motion currently unknown
  • Appears to be faster than in MvC2

Drill Hand

  • Motion currently unknown
  • Apparently safe on block
  • Combo opportunities on hit (launch into air combo)

Command Grab

  • Motion currently unknown

Lunch Rush

  • Motion currently unknown
  • Still hits 40 times

King Servbot

  • Motion currently unknown
  • The English VA says “King Servbot” so one can assume that’s its official English name

Level 3 Hyper Command Grab

  • Motion currently unknown
  • Instant, unblockable, and apparently great for using after a blocked drill (pointed out by Macarratti)


Tron’s first reveal in the “Episode 2” trailer

The official Tron Bonne reveal trailer

Seth Killian demos Tron Bonne (posted by KoopaKoot)


Dr. B would’ve killed everyone in the Episode 2 trailer but he’d admit Captain America’s parry was epic.


I don’t care if the glitched projectile assist damage is gone, I just want my corner throw combos.


HUGE fan of Megaman Legends here, and also loved using her in MVC2, so glad she’s back :)!


She’s back…let’s just see if the laugh is back as well.


Yay Tron! Gimme broken projectile assist and comboing everything into lunch rush.


Can they even DO Lunch Rush in this game?


The models are pretty simple, so its probably doable.

PS: I bet they pair her with Squirrel Girl, servebot horde vs squirrel horde >>


If they can do a million zombies on screen in dead rising, they can pull off a ton of low detail servebots running by. Tron! I hope her inclusion means Volnutt is out.


Well I think that pretty much confirms MM Volnutt WILL be her partner. Capcom has been keen on using characters from the same series so far (I was hoping they would do exactly what they did with Joe riding Ammy in the trailer OMG :clapdos:)

So yeah my money is on Volnutt.


I’d bet money on it (no volnutt that is) between Ame having the weapon switching mechanic volnutt had and Tron being from legends, yeah…

Damn trailer doesn’t give any hint as to her moves tho’ :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: Jubei heh, instant opposite responses :stuck_out_tongue:


im speechless


Good to see this, Tron is amazing. It would now be awesome to have Classic Megaman, Zero, and Tron. Represent the original megamans, megaman x, and megaman legends. If this would be true, nice move Capcom :wink:

Everybody is full of joy now at Unity.

BTW, I was planning to go to my aunt’s house tomorrow, not happening because of no more clean pants left. The trailer was amazing.


I think you’re probably right. We’ll most likely get Classic Mega Man, MMX series Zero, and MML Tron (Edit: Beaten by one minute, oh well).

As for Tron, I’ll be interested to see what they keep the same from her mvc2 incarnation as well as what they decide to change/add on. As long as she still has that solid assist, things should be all good.


Funny thing, I ninja’d a shadowninja. Ba dum tssshhh
They should fix her Projectile assist obviously, but they should make her have a better combo game outside of the grabs in the corner or combos into Servbot Takeout. Hope they give her a cool lv3. But we’ll see at TGS.


I can’t wait to see her tweaks whenever she’s playable. FUCK YES.


We still haven’t even seen a build where Ammy and Thor are playable for the public, so there’s the possibility that Tron and whoever else they announce for TGS won’t be playable either. We should still probably get at least a couple new gameplay trailers sometime between now and then, though.


Yay Miss Tron is back, well if Megaman Volnutt isn’t in the game, I suppose he would be in the Kattelox Island stage if someone is using Tron unless they do some alt color version and be lazy.

Waiting for more news at TGS


Oh man, I knew it! I said Capcom was putting Tron in the background of that one stage to troll us! She’s in as the MML rep AND a vet from MvC2, so I’m about 100% percent sure our MM classic rep will be Megaman of the classic variety.
This is awesome news, and that trailer was EPIC as hell. Can’t wait to see Tron Bonne in action!


Projectile assist here we go!

As long as Zero gets a spot I’m happy, not a big fan of Volnutt.


Id rather have Tron, Zero/Sigma, Dr Wily, and Megaman.exe to represent FOUR rockman series. :slight_smile: