Psycho crusher glitch

So a while ago I was playing bison and did his air combo into psycho crusher midscreen and afterward i was able to lk. the opponent. I have not been able to duplicate this accident and was wondering if anyone else has had this occur.

uh, yeah.

Normally, if you get them in a corner air combo to scissor kick, to psycho crusher you can do this allowing you to go back the other way with a SECOND psycho crusher. I’ve actually done that.

There might be a way to get 3 of them, but you have to be real dammed lucky. Theoretically, you can do an air combo to scissor kick to psycho crusher. Make sure their back hits the wall, but there is separation between your character and the corner so you don’t cross up while doing it, and use the lk mk chain to set up a second one. When this one recovers, it will force a cross-up taking them out of the corner ruining any chance of more psycho crushers.

I thing I’ve done it as above, but AM NOT WILLING TO SAY FOR CERTAIN I DID THAT. Test it yourself. If it works, it works.

I know you can do it in the corner i did it midscreen

do you remember who you did it on, might have something to do with the opponents sprite.

Okay so i have messed around and was able to recreate it, it’s not to hard to do and i was hoping to be able to connect three or more midscreen but the second pyshcocrusher doesnt leave you close enough. Experimenting was good and i learned a few things more things about bison.

First, if you dont mash pyschocrusher it is easier to connect a second one. Mashing doesnt add much damage to it anyway, so no big loss their.

Second, it is pointless to do a second pyschocrusher unless one of the two things occur. A. you catch the point character and assist character in a combo. (its not pointless because the pyschocrusher wont be damage buffered when it hits the assist character.) B. you happen to catch a opponent in the air (without using launcher) with a random j. lp. (combo doesnt damage buffer as much).

Thanks for asking me that question i was being lazy and when you asked me i decided to test it out.
FYI I tried it on jill, cable, and hulk and got it to work on each of them it is harder the smaller the character is and u have to adjust the combo a little but not much.

Double crusher combo midscreen. c. lk, c. hp, ^ j.lp, lp, psychocrusher, lk, pyschocrusher (works on most) or c. lk, c. hp, ^ j.lp, lp, psychocrusher, lk, lk, pyschocrusher (works on big sprites)
You can launch and then lp or lp, lp or lp, lk, lp to put them at the right height depending on sprite but the above combos work best for me