Psycho Vanish Question

I’m having a hard time pulling multiple Psycho vanish in the corner with the A groove, I always messed up with a punch. It’s there an easier way to do it or a special input ? Can some1 help me with this this, please?

Which type of joypad/controller do you use? Granted, that happens to me too…but I’m thinking that it’s because I play on a Gamecube controller.

I play on PS2 with a D-pad and I’m trying to learn with a stick and It’s hella difficult for me because I’m not use to it.

You said “this” in your post twice. I just wanted to let you know.



i’ll be more specific


do it my way. I can do the motions too but this is just easier.

:dp: and :df:+:r: repeat

pls help me…i’m just starting to play A. Bison & A. Sakura on an arcade stick for a while and I don’t have a really fast left hand to do those lightning fast DP at will. based on your post, i should do :dp: + P and :df:,:r: + P after the first DP is set in motion, right? Do you know anything about the term ‘trip guard’? i’m really curious about it. thanks.

please don’t ignore my post guys. :frowning:

you play on a MAS Stick, right?

Postman~730: yup, i play on a stick. help me out man cuz i keep on messing up my DPs. i have the same problem with A Sak’s CC also. thanks for helping.