Psycho Wife twofer


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I dunno man…I’m barely feeling this at all…1…maybe 2 horror boners on the horror bone-onometer.

Why do some guys think that if they marry a bad girl they can change them? With a name like “Na Cola” you should KNOW you’re getting yourself into trouble. Of course, bad girls will get all of the dick because guys can;t resist a girl with a bad streak.


Mmmmmmmmmmmonster kill


Crowbars have fallen out of fashion nowadays haven’t they


i think the lesson here is pretty clear

don’t get married :coffee:


Those seem like normal stories. No reason for outrage in this thread-- keep searching BEWD.


How many times do I have to say this? Marriage is just a legal way to pay for pussy. And even THEN the mask comes off and you pay and get nothing really. :lol:


Good day to be single.


Nah Bad girls get the dick because of their dick taking abilities. and willingness to take the D.

But yeah with a name like “Na Cola” I can only assume she’s a Coke addict.


It’s kind of scary to imagine a seemingly normal woman you’ve known for years snapping randomly, but these things have happened before often with no explanation why.


A real man would never allow a woman to get him like that.


nope. this never happens. there are always signs. those signs are ignored right up until the person is bleeding out.

look at Missing Person. he was dating his crazy Korean and complaining to us about it. everybody was like, “stop dating her.” he responds to this by marrying her. like 4 months later she fucking leaves him to go live in Korea and he can’t find her. finally she contacts him and he moves overseas to be with her. now she’s getting even worse. he refuses to see the signs. Missing Person will not come out of this relationship alive.

“yo Phil Hartman, stop dating a bi-polar cokehead”
“what was that? marry her? don’t mind if i do!”


why do good girls fall for bad boys? Why do good boys fall for bad girls? Opposites attract. Apparently the same goes for sharp objects and soft body parts.



This exact thing is why I’ve trained to deflect knife attacks with my forehead. My face is a mess, but I’ll be damned if I’m not the most unstabbable mofo in the world


Bet her sister or friend got some of that dick, and she took her fiance out because of it.

As for the first woman…maybe she was just so enormously angry that she needed 2 whole weeks to get out of “POW” mode, even after using an sdm.


Wait? What!?!?!??!?!

His wife last I recall was threatening to leave him. You mean to tell me she left, he couldn’t find her and then when he did talk to her, he moved wherever she was to be with her??!??!?!

As the Tom Leykis soundbite would say, “Pusssssssssssssssssyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy”.


Damn man…RIP Phil Hartman. He was so damn good. :sad:


lolol what? Seemingly normal woman snapping randomly…isn’t that standard?


the problem facing men everywhere. the eternal love hate relationship with pussy. fags have it so easy.

no homo


I think women watch so match TV and movies (way more than dudes do, we got vidya games), they literally CRAVE drama in their life. If they don’t have drama, they go and create it (ie fuck around, start random fights, etc etc).

Also, women are pretty dumb in the sense they don’t really get in fights often, so they tend to run their mouth and end up in situations where if it was a guy, he’d get knocked the fuck out. But cuz it’s a woman, you gotta change your playstyle (zone that bitch)