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[!]Avatar Restrictions: NO animated AV’s, NO Team AV’s, NO AV’s dealing with nudity [!]

Come on in and request something, anything from av’s/ Tags to sprite edits.

Yo hook me up with a 3rd strike AV. Anything you like as long as it’s pimp. COuld you also make it premium size, plzzzz :pleased:

Np man, give me a lil info first… what characters do you use the most in SF3rd Strike? What is premium size again? sorry i havent been on here in a long time… lol

I use Hugo. ANd the dimensions are 160 by 100 pixels. Or just do me a regular sized one. THx

hey man how ya doin? As for me a cool kim av would be nice… I’ve had this one way too long. I want something creative and cool. Go nuts with it.

Awesome another Hugo user… lol… well any specific colors you want Hugo?

Sure man… np

Jiggly Puff Killa, here ya go man…


I hope you like it

Damn that was quick :wow: Thanks man, looks hot :clap:

Well thanks, im glad you like it… :smiley:

Hey here ya go kaphwan239, I hope you like it, im saving the .psd file, so if you want me to change it, I can…


Damn psychoclown, i must say i am very impressed with your work. that shit is so great.

WOW!!! your the first one on here to say that… would you like a Avatar on the house?

Damn, ur shit’s fast and good… :clap:

And you are second… lol… thanks man… appreciate it…

Great stuff, good to see liveliness in IMM again.

Thanks, I try

Psychoclown, i am not in need of an avatar but i wouldn’t mind to see one made to my likings. I probably won’t use it - but if you’re up to it, ill take one on the house. :smiley:

Of who and what colors?

Damn man… that’s hotness… I really like your work. I’ll come to you again when I want something else done! You are a quick worker my friend!