PsychoClown'z Request Thread


**PsychoClown’z Request Thread **


1 - Absolutly NO Av Whores, If you are a av whore and you request from me, you wont get one.

2- Tell me what you want, and i’ll do it to the best of my ability. If you want something in a av, and I dont have the picture, then you’ll have to find it.

3- No Nudy avatars, I wont make them.

Other than that go for it… have fun… Challange me :stuck_out_tongue:

Pick Ups:


Hey, posted in your last thread, but couldn’t find it, so here goes. Was looking for something animated with Mukai(pic attached). Looking for a black/grey background, other than that, it’s all you. Hope it’s challenging enough. =)