Psychonauts on Steam for 1GBP/2EUR/2USD

As the title says- buy it now.

Zero Punctuation Review.

Awesome game…nospambot.

Great game. It’s a steal at this price. Theres no excuse now for anyone who hasn’t played it yet.

I’ve played through this game twice and I’m still going to buy it. Amazing game, thanks for the heads up. I HIGHLY recommend this game.

I loved this game so much that I will gift two copies of it. Seriously.

Too bad I don’t use steam =\

I’m about to play the demo.

I know it’s $2…but man I got alot of Steam games I haven’t installed yet.

People are fools for not jumping on FurryCurry’s offer. Shame on SRK.

Indeed…saddening. Evidently people prefer inhaling furious amounts of dick.

And I went and bought the game before reading it. Damn.

FUCK!!! I did too. Oh well it’s only 2$:woot:

Thanks for bringing this to my attention, only heard good things about this game.

I just bought it too, never played it either.

Can’t get my 360 pad working with it though :sad:

works for windows7??

It does. I bought it on Steam a while back and played it on my W7 machine. Game actually looks great in high-res (save the FMVs) 'cause the graphical style is so well done.

Just wanna add to the “great game, buy it now” posts. :stuck_out_tongue:

So rumor has it that this…

is a great game.

I remember playing a demo a long ass time ago on XBox [I think?]. The only thing I recall is I kept thinking ‘Ants.’

Works perfectly for me on xp sp3 and win7 x64- I hear the demo doesn’t work properly under win7 x64, the full game does, however.

That’s odd…what OS and driver-version? Even my hrap ex works with it (not well though, obviously).

One of my favorite games EVER.

Great writing, great voice acting, and just damned fun to play. I also love the little nods to the oldschool adventure games that Tim Schafer was known for back in the day.

What’s worse? The fact I’ve never heard of this supposed fantastic game and have been missing out OR that my ATM card was stolen so I don’t have the $2 to buy it. :confused:

Hopefully it’s not a 1 day only sale.

Yeah…sale lasts until Thursday.

I can gift one to you unless Furry Curry still has some to give out.