PsyklOWNTriForce's ReNeGaDe Sagat mod

I’m new to this but i’ve been using photoshop for a while now. I just started this mod stuff today because i so wanted to learn how to do it. My favorite character is SAGAT, and i had to give him a makeover.

here is the video of my sagat outfit WIP…tell me what you guys think.:sweat:


Looks cool, but there’s a whole thread for it over on the SFIV board.

here’s my beta SAGAT completed

Looks good. It’s too bad the resolution of the texture is so small. I bet high res would really help the look of the holes on his chest.

im upping a 1024x768 video to youtube to show the quality some what better right now. I might just call this one “ReNeGaDe” Sagat.

heres the video of him in action

here is the emz file as well (back up your current file b4 using this one

heres video of my Street Fighter 4 PC Green Lantern Sagat (john stewart one slightly changed with a blk eye mask, stripes on the arms sorta like the ION green lantern ,and white boots instead of green) tex color mod by PsyklOWNTriForce