Psylock assis goes with who?

Aside from storm, magneto, and sentinel what other characters benefit from psylock’s anti-air assist? and with this i mean efficiently, resets comobs etc

All characters really stand to benefit from a fast AAA that causes dead state juggle. It’s like Capt. Commando’s AAA, Doom rocks, Drones, or Tron rings-- you can’t really go wrong pairing it with any character. Its a versatile assist offensively and defensively, it allows for countercalls that disrupt the flow of your opponents assist game, possibly leading to double snaps.

All right dude thank you.

What I mean t was combo wise like what characters do you know have combos with psylock and some resets too?

Sure you cna use her to disrupt peoples assist and stuff, but some characters have really good combos with her and resets which oens do you know about other than magneto and storm, Iron man and sentinel?

Iron Guy benefits a lot from Psys assist.