Psylocke assist/cable turtle

Any good strategies vs. cable with a psylock assist? I try to air dash, guy runs the other side of the screen… I try to dash on the ground. he calls up psylocke and jumps back and does (qcf hp) with cable… whats a good strategy against defensive people relying on psylocke? i try to take her out but her anti air assist is like first priority. then cable backs her up with the air beam… so annoying. Thx

Well, what team are you using? That will be a big help I know.

But something in general, figure out his turtling pattern, figure out which angles are being cut off, and once you figure that out, plan where you can attack and wreck his plan, and also, if you get close to Cable, try and stay there, and also get big damage on him.

That’s pretty general, but again, it would help to tell what your team is, for advice and all.

Hope this helps.

Oh yeah, sry. I use either capcom, magneto (hard time with this guy cuz i try to air dash toward him and he keeps running away) and i use storm, sometimes cable…

Those fights always wierded me out. I always get hit by random stuff also. This guy who plays Strider/Gambit/Guile got the most random wins on me. While im defending against trijump shit to some effect he dashes and nj jumps at me while blocking usually. It’s th wieredest thing cuz its like I have no idea how to defend against it. I call my AAA and just blocks and uses an assist or something.

if you are using storm this fight shouldn’t be that hard you just have to be patient who is his second? just play patiently and counter call psy but super jump before you do because of ahvb and if he does normal jump qcfhp he can’t block until he touches the ground guard cancel and rtsd

storm vs. cable…

block all fucking day, wait for an opening, LA xx LS or air dash mixup with psylocke assist… as long as you have float, you should never be afraid of cable.

also DONT DO HAILSTORM unless it’s guaranteed safe… remember wong vs x, right? if you remember, at the end, x goes for hailstorm TWICE in a row… wong gets him with tk vb, land, second time, tkvb xx ahvb, ggpo

so true. players can get impatient and try to land chip like that by hail storm/vertical typhoon. good cables will always punish you for that. storm cable matches are usually in storm’s favor even if cable has an AAA (though, advantage will decrease much more). Be patient, block well, save your air dashes for AAA, look out for careless cables who sj. fierce/nade too much and get under them.

Jesus, I hate it when people talk in abbreviations. I have no idea what you just said. What do all those acronyms stand for?

tigerknee’d viperbeam, landed, tigerknee light viper beam (just charged enough for 1 meter) and canceled into aerial hyperviper beam.

dont know about ggpo :stuck_out_tongue:

good game peace out… glitcher, after being here for a year and a half, you haven’t picked up on the terminology yet? this is the strategy section… you really can’t survive here without knowing it.

read that thread, then come back


Yes, I’ve read that thread, and there were some acroynms that escaped me. How did storm/sent/capcom become SANTHRAX? How does magneto/cable/sentinal make ROW? And what does ironman/storm/cable have to do with Japan?

PS. My profile says I registered a year ago, but I only visit this forum sparingly.

Not sure about Santhrax, but Rodolfo popularized Mag/Cable/Sent and Mitsu (Jap player) uses IM/Storm/Cable.

santhrax is sanford kelly’s team. he was the first to use it.

I see you also have a “Matrix” team in your sig, m1x4h. Who’s in that, and why the name?

matrix is storm / sentinel / cyclops

matrix was the first one to use that team… almost every team is named after the player… team zaza is two wolverines and sentinel, team mike z is juggernaut, doom, tron… etc etc…

japan, msp, shoto, and russia are the only teams i can think of atm that don’t have a player associated with them… team watts has a story behind it, but idk what it is… clockwork is by clockwork, fiend is by combofiend… etc etc…

Interesting. What combination hasn’t been used yet? Maybe I can get a team named after myself. :wgrin:

yuo’re joking, right? who knows? you do realize that the there are 4,490,640 differnt possibilities for teams, right?

565554333 = 4,490,640
on consoles, where u can pick three of the same character
5656333 = 4,741,632

there’s just about no way to tell how many teams haven’t ever been picked…

even without assist variations, there’s 166,320 different teams

but u have to think of it like this…

reverse row and row are very different in the way they handle in a good portion of the match… (reverse row, is sent first, magneto last)

and mss-a and mss-y play very differently as well… everything counts.

i thought it was something about the colors

anyways, i think its called matrix cuz its really boring to watch

no, it’s called matrix because he used it

the colors that matrix actually uses are

storm purple - a2
sentinel black - hk
cyclops black/green - a2

This thread has taken a horrible scrubby turn. :smile:
Chris/Matrix would not and did not have a team named after him. It’s Matrix because Cyclops is Neo, Storm is Trinity, and Sentinel is … a sentinel. And Cyke’s optic pulse is the code…

As suggested before, if you’re playing against Cable/Psy, run away and kill the assist. It’s a pretty limited team overall - just know he’s going to summon Psy as soon as you get close, don’t get hit then, and right there you have your window to attack. Also, since he has to have a third character on the team, and any smart Cable/Psy player will probably be putting that other character (Manus?) first, kill Psylocke then, since they’re probably much less able to protect Psylocke with that character.