Psylocke in endgame

I figure this is the thread that will get the most response regarding the subject of Psylocke. She’s often regarded as an assist-only character, especially on the popular team of MSP, but she’s made enough comebacks in tournaments for people to pay viable respect to her as a character in her own right.

This discussion thread will talk about the fairly common situation of having Psylocke in at endgame.

First thing to know is that the likeliest situation here is AAA vs. AAA. Psylocke vs. Commando is pretty easy because she gets in on Commando very easily (needing to watch for corridor of course). Psylocke vs. Cyke is trickier if the Cyke player knows what he’s doing. You’re forced to trick Cyclops into doing something that you can hit in that case.

Sometimes though things might go wrong and Psylocke might have to take on a top tier or a two-character team on her own. Some might consider all to be lost in that case, but the game is certainly far from over.

A trick she has that I don’t see a lot of people using is short psi-blade. This move comes out quickly and is fairly safe if blocked.

Psylocke vs. Sentinel happens a bit too. If you can isolate Sentinel from his assist and get close to him, you have a good chance. Her jump fierce and roundhouse have great priority and lead to the infinite, and she can take on a Sentinel that begins to fly beneath her with sj.short (good since it sticks up so high).

Anyone else have thoughts on the endgame?

Psylocke’s B+HkxxForward move works well for cross-ups one on one if used sparingly. A lot of people don’t know about that move, but it works great for catching the enemy offguard. I’ve seen ShadyK use it in a match video as a crossup when a new character comes in. Again, don’t overdo it, but it’s a valuable addition to her arsenal when up close.

Traded Psi-Blade can be a VERY good thing. In the otherwise atrocious Ace (taiji) v. Nun match on the Evo DVD, at one point Ace’s Psylocke hits Nun’s Cable (I think) with a Psi-Blade that traded, and went on to OTG (juggle?) with a low short into launcher that gave him a combo that helped turn the match around. Good shit to know.

Never forget about the always useful standing fierce xx psy blast.

She’s got a good wavedash, so if you’re playing against runaway people, you can close the gap real fast.

psy at end game is pretty dangerous, usually cause they tend to underestimate her.

  • if u got psy/storm vs. someone , call storm, teleport in front (pretty risky though)

  • back rh + assist then forward, sometimes tricks people

  • fast wavedash

  • lots of dashing fp XX fireball

  • d. rh XX wp fireball (free aircombo if u land this)

  • As dasrik said, traded psy blade can sometimes lead to air combos if they don’t roll

  • corner combo: u can do slow wp, wk, wp, fp fireball, wp, wp, psyblade to super, you can try to repeat it more, but best to just do it once

  • long range snapback - this is a great weapon, usually people tend to call there assists more when its just psy on point, so u can snap that shit to helper infin. try to bait by just dashing back and forth. u can also wiff a snapback close range, then snapback again , usually they’ll try to attack and this will hit them

  • abuse the hell of her jumping/falling from sj jab,jab. too damn good. against sent, i always do wp,wp. works way more than j. fp, rh from my experience.

try this setup on anyone = tiger knee wp fireball (it wiffs, there ducking low), falling jab (2 for sent) into combo. ghetto tjump lol

i consider my psy pretty good, so ask if u have any more questions :stuck_out_tongue:

i was teh n00b on the dvd haha

Ridiculous crouching short of wisdom

What do ya do against sj.rh XX sob cyke? Do we follow him in the air? Or does she lose flat out?

Don’t forget her spinning upper cut thing into butterflies. It had mad priority and range. Her teleport can provide usefull if you want to runaway.