Psylocke inf on jugg



Ive been having a hard ass time getting this inf. I could only get it up to 12 hits. Then she drops the character, like :bluu:. is there any tips anyone could give plz.


Tha “Best Fucking Psylocke” player Doesn’t Know That?


I agree…I find your post funny…


maybe you should read carefully, I said I can get it up to 12 times, I didn’t say I can’t do it but now I can get it up to 23…still have to work on it. How many times can you get it up 1 or if your lucky 2 hits


Don’t mock me child, you talk as if you know me or something. We only meet once-DON"T SOUND COCKY. I guess I only came here to really annoy you. I’m kinda sorry if my post offended you. It’s “okay” to only do like a 12 hit infiniti on Big Opps. I guess us non Psylocke fans should know our place and stick to three hits.

Life is funny aint it?


Hey, can anybody shed some light on the subject? How do you the infinite? Thanks


Best psylocke Inf: go to training mode and walk around, her boobies will jiggle for an infinite amount ot time as long as you are walking.
Actually i think it’s:(in corner)launch[sj.lp>lp.psyshot] timing is key.
I can only get three reps on cable in training, dunno if that is even the inf. they are talking about.



I’LL BE SERIOUS NOW. its like,, [C.hp, S.jump, lp, lp, hp psyshot, lk, lp, lp, hp psyshot, lp] repeat the bracket


how many people actually play juggs in real matches?
anyways there is also a sent infinite thats alot easier and since alot more people play sent then juggs it might be helpfull , plus you dont have to be in the corner

jump , lp , lk , lk , hp , hk repeat


My psylocke is :lame: compared to my magneto and storm. is there anyway to confuse your opponent with psylocke cause im really desparate.


up hk point blank. It will armor pierce because it’s a hard attack. Call an assist just before and do this hopefully dropping the person on it. Then dash in or follow up as appropriate. Here’s a video to see…
Dasrik’s unique combos and tactics volume 1 and read “about the video too”.


thanx for the video but the trick is hard to pull off on someone but ill try to use it as much as possible. oh yeah what should i do if Psylocke is all alone with no assist how do i fight against sentinel with his cammando assist


You walk away…
okay fine super jump and wait til they call commando or till they try to catch yuo with sent. Telport to the ground, cross em up and snapback in Cap. Guard break him and kill his ass, then you’ll have a chance against sent


ok man sent is really pissing me off when i try to get in close range with psylocke. i try to get near him but he just sits happy in the air flying around and kicking my ass with his kicks and qcf lp i cant get near him i try to teleport but he flys somewhere else and calls out capcom. I NEED HEEEEEEEEEEElP :mad:


so what’s it take to get the name of “BEST PSYLOCKE ON THE WC”?
If it’s the infinite, then that should take about a month or two…
There was this japanese site that I can’t seem to find anymore, but it had like Psylocke triple jump combos and stuff…
Stuff like off anything…blah blah, launcher SJ into an air combo, then DHC, and it kills a character, even sentinel…kinda like Storm xx Sent DHC…but I can’t find that page anymore
It had weird stuff, like tempest xx unmashable gamma crush, 'cept with butterflies instead…ah whatever, I’ll figure it out…


thanx man i hope you’ll find that websit it’ll be a great help