Psylocke infinite on Sentinel

I’ve seen someone bust a crazy infinite on Sentinel.I battle alot of sentinels and I almost always use Psylocke.I think it would improve my game alot by learning this inifinite.If anyone out there can help me then I would like to hear what you have to say.

Thanx, alot!!!

Thanks alot, I’ve been trying to figure that shit out for a while.BTW do you have any advice for how to catch sent off guard for any infinite?:confused:

the advice to catch sentinel i don’t really know how to. It depend on the sent player if he is a pro didn’t sorry psylock chance of inf on sent to is 1% but a sorry player ur chance of infinite is 75%

what’s psy jump? Is this the move I’m not using? Because I can’t seem to get the combo to work.

psy jump just mean psylock jump

What is her original infinite?

Her other infinite is this (I may not get it exactly right mainly cuz I hardly ever use psy, and the infinite is a bitch to pull off during gameplay.)

Corner only, Launch,sj.forward projectile, sj.lp FP, repeat (sometimes you’ll need to do two of the projectiles in a row.) then land, launch do it again.

To catch a sent offguard with psy the only thing besides hoping that sent screws up and stays on the ground is to launch a downward projectile to hit him out of fly, then double jump, sj.fp, inf. Its pretty damn hard to actually land this but it does happen.