Psylocke infinite

does neone kno how to do any psylock infinites???


not sure this works but try it on sent

jump in hp, hk, lk, lk over and over (in corner)

only on jugg

lp, d hp, lp, p.shot(projctile), lp, lp, p.shot, lp reapeat

go to

The infinite on a standing Sentinel is:

jump in hp, hk, land, [j. lk, j. lk, j. hp, j. hk]…repeat brackets

She has a rejump infinite, I think it’s something like:

j. lk, j. lp, j. lk, j. up + hk, land, rejump, repeat…

Won’t psylocke’s up+hk bounce her opponent up too high??!Or is the timing for her rejump infinite??!!Thx

Not against a STANDING sentinel…read dude…

ahahahah!SRY dude!My bad.

No the infinite that’s after the one on standing Sent. It says," rejump infinite." I think it means rejumping like ironman-type of inf. You don’t do the up+hk on standing Sent inf.

That is correct.

The first infinite is for a standing Sentinel, the second one is a rejump infinite, like Iron Man’s.

Although if you land the infinite on a standing Sentinel, you can chain it into the rejump infinite from there and go for a reset.

For example…

jump in hp, hk, land, [j. lk, j. lk, j. hp, j. hk]…infinite a few reps…then, j. lk, j. lk, j. up + hk(pops Sent up into the air), land, rejump, [j. lk, j. lp, j. lk, j. up + hk]…infinite a few reps…dash under(resets), c. lk, c. lk, launch, air combo

is the rejump doable on every character, or is it limited to the big sent/juggs/hulk type?

I’ve only seen it done on Sent and Juggs, but as far as I know it should work on everyone.

What’s the timing on that rejump infinite? And the j. u+hk is only supposed to connect once, right?

Also, I’ve found it much easier to do j. lp, j. lk, j. lk, j. hp, j. hk for the Sent infinite. That extra j. lp gives you more room for error in the timing…

psy inf’s

You know I heard she has an inf:

j.lp,,… does it work? there was a site with it, but its down now

no its jum.lp j.lp j.hp then quickly up+hk the hk has to hit once or else it goes to high i have a vid of it and i saw it so yea

Does anyone know the infinite where you launch to air then there’s a whole series of psy-fireballs in the air and then relaunch repeat?

If you do can you please post it here thanks!

How dya make the hk hit only once?

What’s up everyone, could someone please tell me the buttons on the Psylock infinite against Servbot? I saw it on a MVC2 video on youtube, but I couldn’t seem to make it work from what I thought they were doing. Any help would be greatly appreciated…thanks and much luv!


it might have been a glitch…or one of joo combos but its all about timing…just watch and put the vid in slow motion sometimes its all about the set-up…

What’s up all, would someone please tell me how to adapt the psy-blade infinite to Cable. I have seen a video of it, but they start it with the super jump to jump cancel and I can’t seem to get that, but they begin the next rep in the air, which leads me to believe it is possible to start that rep from just a d.hp on the ground. If it helps to know which one I am talking about, I think Psylocke is supposed to do two consecutive hp psy-blades one after another and continue the combo. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the help and much luv!


There are others, that have more hits involved, but I like the rhythm of this one…

totally off topic and stupid/pointless. negged.