Psylocke Instant Overheard

This is a good video of Psylocke using the instant over head on Magneto to great effect.


I love instant overhead. seems I’m the only one who uses it : /

when my psy is snapped in, I love sometimes just keeping her in and raping the MSP that was trying to rape me. with em disruptor + IM AAA backing her up, her keepaway is really strong. like. I make combacks with that ho utilizing all her good tools. the people I play against could admit this :stuck_out_tongue:

instant overhead, into combo ending with up+hk, dash in. crossover or same side short…or overhead…or short THEN overhead, if short connects, launch, 1…2…3…HK (to cause flying screen and set up ANOTHER mixup attempt)

I also knock into assist when I get overhead, into launch, into either FS setup or DHC if I’m bored raping with psylocke :stuck_out_tongue:

I could go into more of my successful psy gameplay aside from this…but yeah.

USE overhead people, if blocked…double jump to recover and block.

here’s another vid showing sort of what I was talking about (though it’s online…and I missed a couple things that would’ve sealed the match) [media=youtube]JQTMKyFB9Qs[/media]

but against the people I play against regularly, my psy mixup game is solid enough where they just don’t know where to block anymore (you can see it happen in the above vid). get to that point…so you can even catch them with shorts…and then launch + magneto assist, double jump FP, falling lk, launch, and super or FS setup for ANOTHER mixup LOL you can wavedash to same side or crossover and crouch…and then overhead for further mixups. you LK psyblades for great ground defense and tiger knee psyshots…ughh

I also have great tools against certain characters like storm or sent (my psy can give them problems)… like, no one uses them except me again it seems. but maybe that’s for another thread …

Every time I sit down to put the screws in psy she surprises me all over again. I think she is the one non-god that has all the tools she needs to compete vs them. Lil more stamina and make her teleport a few frames faster… and she would be god tier IMO…

Been using her teleport lately. It’s terrible by itself and not good for a lot of the stuff you want teleport for… but combined with a combo and a slowish assist… its get mean! stuff like dash in combo, call doom, (the mini launch), engage teleport, rocks hit xx teleport low behind, ground combo again to launch and finish it out strong. A bit strider doom like… many many other assists work also.

If either of the overhead assist in the game happened to be slow enough… this would be nuts… as you could tele behind and go low at the same time the assist hits overhead… and its a crossup at the same time. would not be easy to avoid.

I made a big ass thread on a bunch of glitchy stuff she can do with this, its an older thread “psy dashes fast”

I over***heard*** psylocke’s instant too!