Psylocke n00b

I was wondering what moves should I be learning for a n00b? Also, I would like to perform the harder Combos with Psylocke. Cable and Magneto are my 2 other characters.

nice team.with magneto and cable you can do cables guard break easily.ok so what i do for psylocke are these comboes,

lauch lp lp hk db.hp , then buttefly super buttefly super lk lauch and do the same combo only works if they dont roll out.
or this long combo lauch lp lp hk jump lp lp db.hpbutterfly super.

if you need anything for mag or cable then tell me or i can make a combo vid of the comboes i do that are really me the characters and in like a day or so ill post it and you can see it.