Psylocke Reset Thread

…What happened to the old one? I was really looking forward to reading up on her reset and mix up game.

I guess I’ll have to start a new one.

In corner vs crouching opponent:
-j.fp, land, s.lp, s.lp,, xx lp psyblast (otg), TK lp psyblast*, fp (overhead), land, c.lp, c.fp, sj.lp, lk, lp, lk, fp psyblast xx butterflies.

lp psyblast hits meaty. opponent blocks, then eats the overhead fp

Plz teach me the ways of psylocke.

The only good resets I can think of with Psy is all assist based. Particularly with Storm and Sent.

Pretty much launch and hit assist at the same time. Do a slow magic series chain, and if you’re using Storm’s projectile assist, do a FP ender. They’ll fall onto the typhoon and Psy will be able to land a jab while falling. As soon as Psy lands you can dash under for another launcher. Same tatic with Sentinal. Although end the combo with roundhouse kick instead of FP.

Also, Psy can wavedash and cross up rolling opponents if they were OTG’ed by an assist. ie. Doom’s Anti-air, Sent Drones, Storms Typhoon, etc. etc.

One last thing, if you are going for an instant overhead, it’s usually a good idea to use upforward roundhouse with Psy as hit knocks up and can lead into Psyblade xx Kochou Gakurei. Although it’s usually not good to use against assist characters (Cyke, Capcom, Psy, and even Blackheart) since it’ll completly wiff since they are so short in crouch.

Can Psylocke do cross up resets in the air like strider can do?If she can plz tell me cuz i’m trying to get my psylocke better…

Oh and what the most damaging combo she can do without a assist?The most damage i got out of an air combos was 82 points(on cable).

One of Psylocke’s more daming combo’s is launch, sj. fp, sj upforward roundhouse xx Psyblade xx Kochou Gakurei. The timing is strict so it needs to be fast, but it’s doable. Also, against Sentinal, you can do another sj. fp after the upforward roundhouse since Sentinal is so big.

hahaha onslaught, i love your avatar. her s.hp is so mean.

I’ll post up some notes in a few days