Psylocke resets

are there any psy resets i just want to hve some fun but i doubt there is. if there is can someone please tell me

hey david heres what i was talking to you about, some wierd stuff. what do you think some of them are fake or edited?

just go down to marvel vs capcom 2

also check out this video with black heart on it… ??? you cant right. i just dont see how.

oh yeah, check out this video will ya?

ok let me explain it again you know when you are doing mags infinite and you hit the floor first go on the other side do 2 lk with psy asst. and it resest the combo bar allowing you to do more damage. or with strom, combo in the dash forward 2 lk then go on the other side and hold up 2 lp the lightning attack then super. Well im trying to find the samething with psylocke

thanx, if you reply

david, have you practiced that switch trick thing? if so just when do you gotta press A1+A2, to bring your team how you chose it. i mean like i picked rogue/felicia/son son, so when the match begins i bring in felicia making it felicia/rogue/son son, and felicia comes in with a pre buffered attacked. next match the order would be felicia/rogue/son son. when do i gotta press that A1+A2 to make it rogue/felicia/sonson again? so i can keep starting with felicia with a pre buffered attack?

oh yeah saturday, when you were talking about going to bacchi’s my friend and i went to nickel city. you know what you didnt really miss anything coz there was like what? 6 people playing MVC2. not really much of a tournament. but then again i got there at like 9:45 but even then people should still be playing.

oh yeah, one of the guy there was like, “oh its you the ruby heart guy” and im like “ummmm yeah?” and hes like “play me, but youre going to kick my ass with that team though” and i was like, “that team i played last time isnt really my team” so i picked felicia/son-son/rogue. and while were playing its funny coz hes like “ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh stupid monkey!” and sometimes “ahhhhhhh i hate that cat!” and when i got him with rogues grab but i didnt have any super at the time, i just comboed him… and the guy next time me was like “you know you can probably execute a super after that grab” and i was like “… ya think? (sarcastically)” and when i looked away felicia got hit by hyper viper beam of cable’s (oh yeah i was up against cable/iron man/dr doom)… and the end result was i lost due to time over, all because of that hyper viper beam that hit me when i looked away!:mad:

:lol: just recalling what that guy said… “you know you can probably execute a super after that grab” :lol: as if i dont already know.

oh well next time im at the mall either tommorow or wednesday, ima practice rogue some more till i can get the hang of her when i do… team felicia is back!!! :smiley: felicia/rogue/commando!!! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

you were saying earlier that you wanted to make a sakura based team? whats on your mind? what characters?

this is my 3rd post for the night :stuck_out_tongue:

i found this old video on rogue combos but you might find it interesting coz there was a part there that showed psylocke doing some combos thought you might wanna see it.

i was thinking about sakura psylocke and chun-li. the reason i have psylocke so i can get some practice in with her if i just chose msp i would be gighting against top tier anyway. plus ive got 2 anti-air types so i can do good but i have to figure out what will i have to do to combo to it after the anti air hits. i know what to do with chun-li’s asst but with psy its a diferent story. i was thinking like when i come down on the opponent with any fierce i could taunt after it(it connects)call psy and do a kick super and after the opponent is knocked down i could do any of chn-li’s super but i dont know what to do with her when i go 1 on 1. “sigh” i wish the bring her air super back “sigh”

oh yeah dont forget the card pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease:D

ey franx man this thing is messing up the screen is mostly on the left side the joystick doesn’t work i installed it to but cant figure out how to work it on the game. oh yeah on the paper it said to make sure all the files are not to be read-only but i recieve an error when i try to take it off.

i need some help.

oh yeah about that card.

nice video with psylocke. i like it

i sent a friend of mine a message, about the exact same thing you said… just waiting for him to respond.

oh well, i found some interesting things while im going trough stuff.

(posted by someone)

Tricky Mag/Storm-A reset I do after Launch Fierce dash fierce rh sweep combo setup.

I like to use this a lot well at least the first part.

After the knockdown call storm and trijump neutral lk mk those should hit on the other side. If it hits then typhoon will hit next and do your best combo or something.

If they happen to block this here is the tricky part Sj straight up then as the last hit of the typhoon gets blocked dash straight down and whiff something like a fierce you should land on the other side since the typhoon pushes the guy under you. Try and make it look as quick as posible.

(sakura: guard break)
J.LK, LK Senpu Kyaku

(frame data) but i find this wierd coz its saying that black hearts c.LP is only 2 frames while his c.LK is 4 frames??? but black hearts tail comes out faster!.. ???

well thats all, ive been doing shit load of work this whole night, now that im done ima get some rest… later man, see you whenever at the mall.
hope you find any of these useful.

david, i dunno if its just me or what but whenever i see you play against allan, and he keeps retreating/running away. what it seems like to me is that allan seems to just avoiding your magneto.

when ever he runs away and sometimes fire projectiles at you, he wants you to come in and hell block and wait for you to call psylocke. to me it just seems that he’s after your psylocke, not your magneto, not your storm but her.

he seems to turtle a bit coz his waiting for you to call in psylocke so that he can punish her with his own psylocke. and he covers/ hides that fact by rushing you down, but his main idea is to get you to tag in psylocke. after all she barely has any defense, and she tends to get hurt/ die quite fast.

i dont know, this is just my observation. you do seem to call out psylocke way too many times. i cant really blame you coz that helps you with your rushdown, but the way i can say it is…

when you watch me play with black heart, there are times when i get way too reckless and just keeps calling commando. and that usually leads my team to their death when i do that. but i now know what to avoid. and now im very careful when i tag in commando.

hmmm but if your storm/psylocke vs his magneto/psylocke or perhaps even vs his storm/psylocke. porposely tagging in psylocke and having her miss to act as a decoy isnt so bad a thing. if he bites and try to punish psylocke then give him a nice shower of storm’s hail :smiley:

i dunno its probably just me, but knowing that your magneto is pretty fast. why dont you “sometimes” use your psylocke to act as a decoy? get people to bite the bait not knowing that theres already a gun pointed at their head.

just my opinion.

(also this is the difference as how i see your magneto to his: you use magneto to kill, allan uses his to build meter.) dont know if you know where im getting at with this. but just remeber about covering your psylocke either as an assist or as a decoy. protect that chick.

(((oh yeah did you ever tried playing/downloading that “beats of rage” game? the one thats supposed to be kinda like streets of rage?)))

look man when i rush down i barely know what i am doing thats what sux. i know that i get her killed a lot but im trying to figure out

i cant use her as a decoy with magneto there is no point in doing it. thats what i think. i will try everything to proctect her but its hard man because of his assist. i wont know what to do.

i use psylocke mostly when i hit them but they block carefully so my psylocke eats everyones hits. so im just trying to figure out what to do to try to get the opponent without the damage of my psylocke. the problem is with me is that i dont think when im playing the game like, someone does the samething over and over and ill still get hit by it and after a really long while then ill finally figure out what to do.

right now all i need is time to try and think but it will take a while but if you got any suggestions tell me and ill give it a shot.

i like psylocke, she helps me out every time i need her she sometimes gets me out in the worst possible times.

thanx franx for pointing that out
…about that card

yeah i still got the game on my cpu. its a cool game to try ive beaten it already and when you get that extre stage with those funny looking monsters. i think they were crabs or something it was pretty stupid but i liked it

franx answer me one question why does everyone turn keep away i played jojo today(saturday) he has become more of a keep away (victor agrees too) allen jeez more of a keep away msp then there are those 2 mexicans with cable and cammando.
i’d bet you any money that if cable was out alot of people will suck except the top people. when i see them use mag or storm. they do nothing keep away just for you to come they suck seriously. oh yeah im going to need a few pointers to rush down cable and cammando. because im tired of this crap. souldn’t people get tired of shoot , shoot super thats all i see them do its soo boring.

can people ever have fun anymore im getting really tired of this. victor in the other hand is cool because he avenges me when i lose:D

i told jojo “you starting to keep away” and he told me hes trying to built up super but this was when he had 5 supers jeez. they are chickens all the way. im tired of this they should all just go to diversions and play keep away there seriously.

honestly i dont know why everyone plays keep away, i guess they find it easier (less skillfull) to hold jump up/back, projectile + assist and then hyper jump.and all they have to worry is one thing being rushed down. sure you have to worry against another keep away but that is all about feeling him/ her out, see what he does, and try to not be so reckless.

when i play black heart/ ice man/ captain commando, i admit i play keep away… you dont see me trying to rushdwon storm or magneto. though one thing about black heart is that its not somuch as running away its so much as “zoning” i have captain commando to take away your vertical column, and i have black heart throwing fierce or strong goblins, and then i try to come down right next to you, throw a couple of pokes… then depending how you behave tag in commando… repeat. my ice man is definitely a keep away :smiley: , though the reason why i have him is aginst cable and sentinel. but hyperjump with black heart + ice man assist + fierce goblins, is a nice way of dwindling their life.

i rarely use the team now mainly coz after poeple lose, especially that white guy with the spiky hair, and or that scrub that plays with anakaris… they give up. then after wards enrique plays me and sometimes nick, i dont wanna play keep away against them! :mad:

so ima keep playing as felicia/rogue/commando for s somewhat serious team, though my rogue is still in a a-little-above-scrub-level :frowning: . but the way i play against keep away, though this is a strategy from felicia, though magneto is a combo freak on the gound so they can be similar. with felicia i just like to stay on they and throw a bunch of combos at him, wether its blocked or not, and while im doing that im not tagging in a character unless i can feel the opponent trying to jump away. then when they get used to the style i like to throw them off the rythm with a simple grab. the only difference is that your special moves comes out slow than mine, if i make an error i can immediately do a special sand splash or better yet a super sand splash.

im sure you probably tried tri-jimping and stuff, mixing combos, guard breaks and so on… but against a turtle, all your work is countered by simply having a good blocking skills. thats why allans MSP is quite easy for me, coz black heart is really good at positioning himself, creating room, and zoning… not to mention that hes pokes are pretty useful to interupting him. its easy for me against him coz i know which angle he can attack me from, i know where the attack will come from. and not olnly that against black heart HE HAS TO RUSHDOWN coz he has no other way, he can get punished easily if he runs away (why would you do that against BH anyway?)… so not only is he forced to rushdown, i know which angle he would attack from.

hmmmmm ima send you another mail, ima think about the your team vs keep away. besides i need to eat :smiley: so brb with a nother message in a little while.

yo franx tom and tony and some other newbies are trying to learn mvc2 and im tired of coaching them(they ask me too) they keep telling me i hate people that play keep away and they are doing the exact samething. oh yeah by the time you read this im not too sure ill still be playing marvel i might go into guilty gear.

im already looking around for vids on it.

your droping marvel to play Gxx2? wow your dumb. Marvel is like 10000000000000000x better then gxx2. you’ll get bored of it really easily. Stick with marvel

maybe i will dont know yet but i will probably stick with marvel and have ggxx on the side.

besides do you have any advice against cable + cammando.
i use msp or team jesus mag, cable, + doom i use that team rarely

hey you im finally back! :slight_smile: , so youve been teaching tom and tony how to play huh? what about albert, albert was trying to get into mvc2. any of them learning well? also who are you having problems against thats using cable? “apples?” or pls dont tell me against allan’s cable?

i played several games in the philippines for about 20 minutes, all i can say from what ive played is sentinel/iceman sure is popular. as far as their skills, well… i had a nice winning streak with felicia/son-son/rogue… so… :stuck_out_tongue: , but i then lost to a iceman/sentinel/cable but i could taken him easily with “Capt. Black Ice”.

also there was someone that plays a really good psylocke (psylocke as main) does some nice cross ups good air combos and stuff. very good psylocke player is all i can say about him.

well if youre reading this, just letting you know that ill be in the mall, most likely today. get some practice with felicia/rogue… hopefully.

Frank- What time? I can stop by and play then. I want to have some fun with my Sakura/Storm/Cammy team.:smiley: