Psylocke's Standing Feirce Punch

I’ve been trying it out and I’ve just realized how much prioraty it has. I was really shocked. It’s a move for you to abuse

Yes, yes it is.:smiley:

explain please guys. i have experimented but dont see how i can abuse it, Heh :slight_smile:

It’s just a great normal all around. HUGE range, speed, and priority, and you can always make it relatively safe on block by canceling into her fireball (er… fire… butterfly… whatever). Dash xx s.FP xx fireball makes for a great (and fast) full-screen pressure tool, as long as you don’t run into anything before the FP comes out.

so its a good gimme-my-space move? like it’ll give you space and make them go far away? whether it hits or not, the FP XX Butterflyfireball will move them back? (great for magneto & storm isnt it? who usually rushes you like crazy)

besides the space thing, is there anything else that makes it useful? or any other useful cancels

I’ve seen people w/ Sent and Psy on point have Psy throw out her s. fp and have Sent assit hit (I believe that is what it is) then Psy goes into an air combo going crazy with the triple jump and finishing with Butterfly super… Most importantly, how do you abuse that triple jump in air combos? Or is it just not worth the time to learn because it doesn’t do enough damage?

About the triple jump air combo inquiry,

Don’t bother. I say go with the regular magic series, spinning move (I’m sure you know what I’m talking about) XX super.

Reason being, as you suspected, the damage sucks if you do more than the regular air combo. It’s useful if you need that last bit of meter to cancel into a hail storm or an HSF with Sent. Even then, a double jump is enough.

yes, the triple jump combo becomes way to converted, and the damage is less than a magic series, up+rh, psy thing, butterflies.