i saw a vid where the guy was painting and he did standing feirce into taunt and kept painting, how ?

somebody should explain this too me so i can ruin people more better

mannnnnn that is a sexy way to win

he was doing PTF and during that he just did a st. FP AND taunt then continued to paint?

thats just show-boating. thats gonna take some damage away too. but if you know the person would die and you wanna be an asshole showing off then i guess so.

btw,i havent tried it out yet,but im assuming it was a st.MP not HP. cause it’ll lift him up high enough to give you time to taunt then continue to PTF.

hahahah that sounds funny, and fucking lame. if you miss, you risk putting yourself in a bad situation

  1. you fucking miss. and then they can laugh at you
  2. you miss.

word,for tryna’ be a funny asshole,you could die lol

ehh … im pretty sure it was standing feirce… i know what it looks like

but who knows, i onyl watched the vid once and that was along time ago

and … i wnana learn it cause i like to kill people with that, and if i can add a taunt in it, thats just beautiful

ps. i don’t miss that combo :slight_smile:

edmonton > any of you punks at cvs2 :slight_smile: don’t believe me, come here and get ruined

other then japs, this is our game, just no.

japan>california>everywhere else =\

can’t argue with that. fuck american sticks, im moving to japan.

japan>montreal>then wtv… =P

I think im pretty serious too… the parry dude that went to japan…

damn I should really record some local newb and pro matches…

and 3rd strike matches…

we should do that and see which place has the best players.

shit 5v5, whoever from canada vs 5 dope cali players. id bet $100 on cali without thinking. shit ill divide it into norcal and socal teams and ill STILL bet $100 on each of them.

Ok. Verdict is Japan > Cali > everyone else. Shut up now, close the thread. -__-

isn’t lifetimeboy the only good cvs2 player in canada?

(not too sure on this)

LTB is from seattle.

and canada has ratio1beatdown (daigo killer) and JS master among other strong players. it’s not like cali would win it HANDS DOWN.


who’s the P-groove guy then?(not ratio1 right?)

cali might not win it hands down…but if i were to bet…i’d put the money on cali…

on topic: bison is good.

i played some guy here that plays with ltb. =/

maybe you’re thinking of arcade master (i think that’s his name) who plays P-CBS like LTB. yea, i forgot about him, he’s also really good, along with prez if he still plays.

and i agree, i’d put money on cali also, just saying they wouldn’t run away with it.

on topic: bison’s CC is cheap and bison is good

R1 Full A Groove Bison > R2 Bison with no meter =(.

yes back to bison… sry bout that… youkno competitive and pride insticns =P

I agree… bison is one of the most cheapest A groove characters… he has too many set ups… so much dmg… even I started using him in my A groove team…
I beat a bunch of newbs with him and I couldnt even jump =O

dont get me wrong Im a newb myself =)
I just like to abuse RC